Sorcière, EP by Dame Zina. 22/09/22

This EP out on the 22/09/22 means “Witch” in French. It displays four completely new feminist and empowering songs :

  • Sorcière, a song in French about how women are always told how to be, look, act, and anyone who dares to be different, too strong, to independent, too sensitive ends up hunted like a witch…
  • So What ? where I try to show how absurd it is to care so much about others lifes that homophobia happens.
  • Souveraines, another one in French, about regaining our crowns, as women.
  • We stand, a song about being proud of who we are in this world.


You’re a journalist ? ask for previews via email : [email protected]

Cover photography by Yuji Watanabe, graphism by Dame Zina, modeling by Soogyong Kim, flowers by maison Lou Paris.

Produced by Musyc.