Self lover, EP by Dame Zina. 11/11/22.

This EP out on the 22/09/22 gathers songs about learning self respect and value. It displays four new feminist and empowering songs :

  • Self lover, a song about how relationships can trick us into losing sight of our own love, making us dependent on others’ opinions of us.
  • My desires where I sing my longing for freedom and satisfaction : I am a huge perfectionist, even on a personal lever, and am often frustrated, reminding myself that I feel stronger when I stop doubting myself helps a lot !
  • More than enough, about how as individuals, we deserve to feel legitimate and proud.
  • Away, a song about how love is often a remedy for self love… and it’s not a crime.


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Cover photography by Yuji Watanabe, graphism by Dame Zina, modeling by Soogyong Kim, flowers by maison Lou Paris.

Produced by Musyc.