Déjà vu, EP by Dame Zina. 08/08/2022.

This EP out on the 08/08/2022 reunites our 3 most liked songs from 2022, previously released as singles :

  • Looks, about how the society pressures us to appear certain ways, especially as girls and later women. AND an electro remix of it !
  • Cottagecore, a display of my love for nature, fairies, flowers and sweet springtime.

And our precious baby :

  • Soleil Froid, a Thank you song to Paris and all it inspires me and generations of artists before me. This song has a music video showing my view of Paris.

Cover photography by Yuji Watanabe, graphism by Dame Zina, modeling by Soogyong Kim.

Produced by Musyc.

Backstage from our Soleil Froid music video.