Meadowsweet, a music series that speaks to the eyes : NFTs, stems for remixes… A planning of everything you need to know about our releases !

2022 is a time for great impulsions, and ours is that our music deserves to be listened to, and here’s how we plan to make it happen:

  • Each of our single and EP is available on every music streaming platform.
  • Each of our song is accompanied by different versions of an illustration of a flower that symbolizes the meaning of its lyrics, available on Opensea.

And a little addition, if you yourself are a musician, you are welcome to remix our songs as they release, we’ll choose our favorite versions to publish on all platforms later this year in a special EP.

original illustration for the NFTs and the song Noire est la nuit (13/05/22)

Let’s have a closer look at our planning then, shall we ?

  • Our first single Soleil froid is out on Tuesday, the 22nd of February (see what we did there ? 22/02/2022!) and it’s about Paris, the city of light!!! As most of our songs, it is written in english.
  • The seminal NFT drop for all of the Meadowsweet collection will be the Soleil Froid metallic editions, 5 signed NFTs on the first three days starting on 22/2/22.

Then, our weekly schedule starts: each Friday comes a new song and a new flower, and each day we will drop one special flower framed in white and adorned with our logo, and 4 framed variations of the flower, with a manually chosen colored frame.

  • For Soleil Froid, the NFT flowers will be dropped each day, starting Friday, feb. 25. On this day onward, we will drop 5 flowers each day (that makes only 35 unique flowers for each single).
  • Our second single Comfort is about the connection two humans can have with each other, and the support we can bring to someone we love. (04/03/22)
  • Les petits plaisirs is a song written in english, glorifying all the little things in life that make us happy and peaceful. (11/03/22).
  • On a rainbow is also about pride, and the need for acceptance in the face of diversity. If you’re interested (you better be ! I’m watching you…). (18/03/22).
  • Douce lune is a poem in French. (25/03/22).
  • Cottagecore is one of my favorite songs cause I’m such a cliché and I love flowers and fairies more than anything in the world… so come hear me brag about it on every music streaming platform from Friday the 1st of April, and I swear it isn’t an April’s fool ! (01/04/22).
  • Je partirai tells the story of a traveler, someone who wishes to see the world and it’s beauty.(08/04/22)
  • Confidence is about self love (yes I KNOW I said this already about several other songs but it’s important I swear !!). (15/04/22).
  • Looks is a song that feels very personal, for it’s about the way society pressures us into being perfect, and how I try to stay myself despite of it… So come try to be free with me on Friday, the 22nd of April (22/04/22).
  • Alone is a more intimate song, about self love too, but in a more introverted way, about staying home alone and finding our own place. (29/04/22).
  • Palace, I have a lot of hopes, and that’s what this song is about, hopes and dreams of greatness and peace. (06/05/22).
  • In Noire est la nuit, i sing about the dark moments, which my life is full of every once in a while, and this song helps me overcome their sadness. I hope it helps you too when you listen to it on Friday the 13th of May (13/05/22). …and yes maybe I thought it was cool to release my only sad song on a Friday the 13th.
  • Morphée is the god of sleep (praise him by the way), and he lended me his name for this song, my favorite one, cause I’m completely biased and it’s about my girlfriend (sorry not sorry). Have a peak at how in love I am on Friday the 20th of May (20/05/22).
  • Flowers are the best love poem, and this collection of songs illustrated by flowers is the proof of it. Hear about the history of flowers’ symbolic meanings on Friday the 27th of May (27/05/22).
  • In my arms, marking the beginning of pride month, when it’s essential to remember that we are fighting for love (03/06/22).

From the summer of 2022, our plans change a bit, we are releasing EPs instead of singles :

Cover for Cottagecore (01/04/22)

Find your music platform and our latest music video here :

Or have a quick peak at what we sound like on our previous album :