Press release House of Zina, Dame Zina’s second album. 23/03/23.

Press photos here For this second album we keep our electro rock style, with a house vibe. It starts with 5 new songs and goes on with 10 remixes of our released songs. This album is a step up for us into the night world. We're exploring femininity, freedom, acceptance and a strong desire … Continue reading Press release House of Zina, Dame Zina’s second album. 23/03/23.

Promo / Galerie / Photos de presse (français)

Nous sommes un groupe familial prolifique, faisant de la musique dans notre propre studio… et nous adorons ça !Nous faisons tout ensemble avec mon père, j'écris et chante, il joue, écrit et produit, et nous espérons tous les deux que vous aimerez notre musique et que vous la partagerez avec vos amis.Si vous aimez l'électro, … Continue reading Promo / Galerie / Photos de presse (français)

Promo / lookbook / press pics (English)

We're a prolific family band, making music in our own studio... and we love it !We do everything together with my father, I write and sing, he plays, writes and produces, and we both hope you'll like our music and share it with your friends.If you like electro, rock, poetry, nature, love and dreams, our … Continue reading Promo / lookbook / press pics (English)

Dame Zina – Electro-Vegetal Rock

Dame Zina is an ode between electronic music and ethereal poetry. Dame Zina is a dream of happiness, union, love, acceptance and equity. A drive towards the beauty of everything, of every being. A hand extended to each woman, to blossom and find love for herself. A fusion between styles, genres, dreams, fears and stories, … Continue reading Dame Zina – Electro-Vegetal Rock