This is our time, Dame Zina’s 4th single, out Feb. 14

“This song is a prayer begging every woman in the world to stand in the light, holding our pride high, to stay calmly in an ocean of love, to dance, spreading acceptation, open mind, and sisterhood.”

This is our time made its own way into Dame Zina’s music – free, rebellious, like a war song, somehow as if all women were together from all over the world. It appeals to every warrior inside them, to their strength and sisterhood. This is their time – time for women to stand in the light, proud, and respected.

The music of Y starts with a double bass as if to pulse the fact women are the core, the foundation, the rhythm on which all of humanity builds. “I thought of a picture of a woman, seen from behind, holding a double bass, on display at the Conservatoire in Perpignan. At first it struck me as odd to see her holding such a heavy instrument. Surely it must be a man’ work. But the neglecting, cool and off-brand attitude of this double bass player’s pose also struck me as an evidence: this was the natural extension of her art, no matter the size or the a priori I could project. Of course it was hers.”
Synths yell as if protesting, drums are dry as a stick, bass pulses as if marching, and some great dancers made us the honor of their art on a video blending the signature natural landscapes we usually love and the urban feelings of hip-hop and contemporary dance featuring dame zina, personnage curieux, amélie mely, coco corra, kerson, mawogani, leslie florinda, apollon and princess isis. Shot on wide angle steadycam on the natural bank of a city’s river, the camera smoothly moves with the dancers, expressing some paradoxal ballroom dancing point of views on street dances : this is the time where everything contrary mixes up and new paradigms emerge.

This song is a prayer begging every woman in the world
To stand in the light, holding our pride high
To stay calmly in an ocean of love
To dance spreading acceptation, open mind, and sisterhood

We come in the world less than boys, Grow up weaker,
Complaining, meant for house work, and less deserving,
We welcome our women's body scared, and ashamed
Told to hide, to pay for others' indecency.

At least that's what they say

But we are born princesses, deserving respect.
We stand stronger, proudly grow up on our own
Sharing self love, and acceptation through the world.
We are strong, spiritual, and pure sacred sisters

Some of us are fighters, soldiers of equity
Some others are silent, preachers of self love
But we are all one giant star, made of rainbow

Affluent of the colors of the various world
Our power is difference, we stand for uniqueness

We are ladies of the earth, the stars and the moon
We fly through the ocean and sail above the wind
We are queens of love and souls made of royal blood.

We, spirits of womanhood, broke the chains of pain
To feel the world and its multiple dimensions
We, sensible souls filled with gratitude and love
Forgiveness, consciousness and complete,

we are free

We wear the attire of the first century
We women feel the sun on our soul and loose hair
The first time a woman owes nobody a thing but herself.
We all deserve to fight for self love

Now is time women stand as straight as their brothers
Now is time women love who is good for their health
Now is time we look at our unperfect bodies
Now is time we are ourselves, nothing matters more

Our legacy is to share our hope, our power
To all the women of our earth, for we are proud
For we deserve to shine, we are born to be queens
This is an appeal, my sisters, this is our time