Double Queen music video out 09 may 2020

Double queen was written by dame Zina after a true story, a confirmation that faith and chance mean a lot–a belief that strength often comes from within.

As women, we live in a world where everything is more complicated; we have to be better than most men to be accepted–or even just respected. This song gives hope and strength to overcome the obstacles from society, and use our own inner world to shine.

Il y a quelques mois, je marchais dans Paris, avant une audition, pleine de remises en question, de jugement sur moi même, d’hésitation sur ma valeur personnelle dans le monde. Je longeais la Seine, sous les nuages gris menaçants, quand j’ai vu à quelques mètres devant moi une carte à jouer. C’était une reine, comme un signe sous mes pas. En la retournant, j’ai vu que sa face et son dos étaient identiques, deux reines, de chaque côtés de la carte truquée laissée sous mon pied.

We were taught forever to be ashamed
That freedom, pride, indépendance were sins
We condemned self love in selfishness’s place
Being unique became an ugly vice

But today, we know we deserve self love
For every curve makes our kingdom wider
Ev-ery body hair forms a richer sea
And each stretch mark is a road in our map

We are the people made of you and me
Considering our own pure uniqueness
Standing for respect we owe to the world
Ready for the self love we all deserve

Difference make us great – we are rainbows
Made of the colours of the sun and moon
Full of the shallowness of the rich world
Dark as the stary night, or the deep sea

Or light as the desert, burnt by the sun
We all are in between, through the pink clouds
All in place to paint the sacred sunrise
The birth of a world of acceptation.