Soleil froid, single by Dame Zina. 22/02/2022

Paris is the place where art meets the artist, it’s my place of creation, it inspires me as it has inspired generations of artists before…

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The original flower associated with Soleil froid is a white carnation, symbolising innocence. I always feel so humbled by the story of that city, it makes me small, in the sense that I feel like a tiny part of an amazing world like a drop of water in the ocean. I matter, and so does the rest of the world…

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Lyrics :

When I walk out I feel so royal
See a queen in reflexion
Standing like each step sings my presence
Feel their eyes stuck on my shadow.

Going out at night after theater
Out of the crowd and the burning spotlight
Slowly walking across dizzy paris
Smiling at the windows and the dark clouds

Noone out but that girl in the mirrors,
Observing me through the shop windows
Sometimes I do wonder if her world
Seems as real across the looking glass

I look at those fascinating women
Stargazing, I wish them to have that spark
That will to look at me while I stare them
I wish they’re what I’m not, to complete me.

I stay silent, I speak with my eyes
love each look I come across
Feeling my body, my hands, my hair
Feeling alive, being empowered

I’m full of long late talks about arts
Love to fall asleep richer
Waking up under the soleil froid
Dress my finest, just for myself

I dance loneliness and present moment
Make the most of each eternal second
Drawing writing singing dancing acting
Over and over ’til I see clearly

Je suis une reine dans la nuit
Soleil froid de mon Paris

Drawing writing singing dancing acting
Over and over ’til I see clearly