Les petits plaisirs, single by Dame Zina. 11/03/2022

Les petits plaisirs is French for « guilty pleasures », and despite its title, this song is in English. It is an ode to little things that make life beautiful.

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The original flower associated with Les petits plaisirs is the Dahlia, my personal favorite flower, because it is such a generous one. These thousands of velvet petals make me instantly feel good… and on top of it, in the victorian era, dahlia symbolised good taste !

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Lyrics :

I love silent loneliness
Just Wandering under some Weeping willows
And I wanna travel on my own
Splashed by sunrays mirrored in golden water
Swimming away with loose rivers
Sculpting the soft strength of mountains
I just wanna make my own way
Wayyy ? Alone ?

like the ocean
breaking free
on my own
all alone
throught the pink clouds

I wanna love by myself
Be who I am know what I want for me
See You’ve gotten under my skin
Cause I can feel your touch when you’re far away
I feel so good I don’t need you
I just want to be together
Cause princess love makes me stronger

I’m standing on a cliff
See the foam
See the stars
See the flowers
And the end of the world
See the sky
Les petits plaisirs