Always Right, music video by Gaëlle Oro and Dame Zina. 03/03/2023.

Always Right is a song about pride, sometimes excessive, but let’s not take ourselves too seriously.

Out on 03/03/2023, 20 days before the album Always right introduces, House of Zina.

We shot this music video as three artists : Gaëlle Oro, our genius eyes, Rozayiia, an extraordinary contortionist and Dame Zina, feminist lyricist and musician. The music video takes place in a natural cave in the Pyrénées (south of France), metaphor of the Plato’s cave, of how our visions are limited and existence is larger than we could ever imagine.

Directed by : Gaëlle Oro and Dame Zina

Starring : Rozayiia and Dame Zina

Styling : Dame Zina

Produced by : Musyc