Press Release House of Zina – part II, Dame Zina’s dance project. 31/08/2023.

For this project we kept our electro rock style, with a house vibe. The album House of Zina started with 5 new songs and went on with 10 remixes of our original songs. This complementary EP has 5 more original remixes.

This project is a step up for us into the night world. We’re exploring femininity, freedom, acceptance and a strong desire to let go of daily pressure. At night, everything can be forgotten, we can imagine a new and fresh life for ourselves, and maybe, if we dream strongly enough… it will come true in the morning.
Music is all about perspective, this album is our way of bringing a new point of view on life and dance music. Also, we LOOOOOVE remixes and we give the stems for our song, free to download. So if you feel inspired by these remixes, please come by and drop your own!

We are a French father and daughter duo, Dame Zina writes and sings, Y composes, plays, writes and produces. If you like electro, rock, poetry, nature, love and dreams, our music is for you! We write on what matters to us: feminism, freedom and emotions.

We released our first electro rock album after 4 singles and music videos in 2020, continued with a wave pop, rock and electronica of releases for 4 months in the beginning of 2022 (one single a week, then one EP a month until now), and routed everything house in this release. We do electro-rock, sometimes more rock, sometimes more easy, sometimes more house. This second album is definitely 100% electronica, art pop and house. And we have a looooooot more songs coming…