EAU, single by Dame Zina. 19/01/2024.

Eau is the single that follows our newest and third album Fairytales. Part of the same project, just as well as the single that preceded it, Witch Circle and it’s music video, Eau has its own music video.

This single has two versions of the song Eau, a long version with an added bridge, and a radio edit version, as well as a music video, all out on January 19th 2024.

This song is about emotions and hypersensitivity. I often feel overflowed with my feeling, as if they drowned me. I used throughout the music the metaphor of water – “eau”, in French – to symbolise the depth my emotions take me to.

Photo : Isabelle Banco.

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“The French musical duo Dame Zina is formed by a daughter and a father, who in tandem create original music that carries important messages about feminism, human freedom and the desire to simply be yourself. 

Their new single is called ‘Eau’ and it was released earlier this year. This musical composition in a special way touches our delicate soul strings and plays on them its cold and refreshing melody. The song seems to call us to open ourselves to all the unknown and accept all the challenges of life that await us in the future.  

Zina’s deep and velvety voice flies up, spreading its wings. The electronic arrangement with industrial elements sets the mood, allowing us to better penetrate the aesthetics of this great art-pop song.  

In the music video ‘Eau’, the theme of water, waves and human emotions is reflected even more. The singer seems to dissolve in nature and poses against the background of the sea, rocks, and forest. Her image is pure and natural sweetness that feels its purpose.”


(translated from German)

“Although I don’t speak French myself, I love hearing the language, especially when it comes out in such a fantastic electro-pop track.

‘EAU’ by Dame Zina is a true indie masterpiece that impresses with a variety of different synthesiser sounds and arpeggios. I also like the truly mysterious and suspenseful character that the track builds up piece by piece. Accompanied by a medium-fast lofi beat, the unmistakable voice is placed in the immediate foreground.

The dynamics are overwhelming, as it is the spoken passages on the one hand and the sung parts on the other that stand out with a strikingly high pitch and a very expressive vein. The melodies also have something very captivating and stirring about them! If you like EAU, it’s definitely worth keeping up to date with Dame Zina’s other new releases on Spotify.”

“Dame Zina are a father-daughter electro rock duo based in Paris, France who have just come to my attention through the recent release of their single and video Eau.

In English, Eau translates as ‘water’ and Dame Zina uses the element as metaphor exploring inner thoughts and secret gardens. Yet, for all the introspection, its topic are universal, touching on what it means to be human. A stark, stripped-back opening showcases crystalline vocals before things slowly build with a percussive electro undercurrent. In its full, Eau unfolds over six and a half minutes, with plenty of twists and turns to keep things interesting.

Dame Zina are Dame Zina on vocals and song writing, and Y on composition, song writing and production. Eau is written and performed in French, but the pair do sometimes write in English too, focussing on topics such as feminism, freedom and emotions. Though new to us, Dame Zina have been releasing music since 2020.”

“For approximately five years, French duo Dame Zina have intoxicated the masses with their insatiable music. Sauntering through various styles, although remaining true to electronic beats, the father-daughter pair bring the sprightliness of youth to the sophistication of experience. Which one offers which, that’s something we’ll never tell. We can say that Dame Zina is one to turn your head from the first chord. In 2019, the pair released their debut single ‘What If’; since then, they have been featured on international blogs, radio stations and playlists from France to the USA and Australia. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Eau’.

Following the well-received album Fairytales, released in 2023, ‘Eau’ is Dame Zina’s blast into 2024. Showcasing their genre diversity, Fairytales include the soul-filled ‘Alone’, alternative pop ‘Witch Circle’, avant-garde ‘Palace’ and synth-pop ‘Dragons and Fairies’. ‘Eau’ continues the alternative, innovative sound of Fairytales; however, it encompasses several genres within the single melody. From contemporary electropop with whispers of retro synth-pop, Dame Zina transcends decades and generations in ‘Eau’.

While keeping a close hold on electronic beats and silky synths, a grittiness exists in the female vocals oozing vulnerability with rough abruptness. The combination of silky vocals flows mellifluously from spoken-word verses to sung choruses. For me, the synths carry you along in a melodic haze but the Kate Bush-esque vocals are the star of this six-and-a-half-minute-long track. Layering the crisp vocal execution over backing tones enhances a sense of haunting while retaining a comfortable lull between the two.

The melody itself is entrancing as a confident but delicate expression of human fragility; yet, it is the lyricism that resonates in its profoundness. Fairytales is a highly personal album, but ‘Eau’ particularly explores the depths of human emotion. Penned in French, I am oblivious to the words; however, the melodic expression makes its poignancy all too present. ‘Eau’ is not a song to be heard but one that is felt.”


“‘Eau’ is an outstanding piece of synth pop that’s simplistic, hypnotizing, effeminate, and powerful. A product of a father-daughter duo whose musical chemistry is continuing to grow and strengthen as they carve out a sonic identity that takes shapes more and more with each new single.

French musical duo Dame Zina is based in Paris and is composed of Dame Zina, writing and singing, and her father, going by the name of Y, producing and composing. The duo is quite bold and their organic sound is a pure result of a chemistry between the two of them. A musicianship that extends beyond their familiar bond into that of 2 professional and passionate musicians. ‘Eau’, French for water, comes after their 3rd album Fairytales, and is a sprawling piece of synth-driven indie pop that continues to grow during its runtime of 6 and a half minutes. As a result of Dame Zina’s haunting, strong performance, and because of the arrangement that continues to solidify and take shape as the song unfolds. 

‘Eau’ is as immediate and as dramatic as French synth pop can be. With Zina’s cinematic vocal delivery and Y’s melancholic chord sequences and piercing synth arpeggios, ‘Eau’ is captivating -and with its in-your-face delivery and with Dame Zina’s favorite topics being freedom, feminism, and emotions, ‘Eau’ is a tasteful single that continues to cement Dame Zina’s reputation as a worthwhile musical duo who makes consistently memorable music.”


Dame Zina Dives Deep with ‘EAU’: A Mesmerizing Journey Through Emotion and Sensibility

EAU’: Dame Zina’s Latest Single Unveils the Depths of Emotion in an Electro Rock Masterpiece

Paris, France – the city of Romance where emotions bloom and fireworks strike. One may say that it is the city of Fairytales. Hold that thought, Paris-based Dame Zina are back Following the enchanting narratives of their third album, “Fairytales” – and yes, you guessed it, they’re based in Paris. Returning with “EAU,” the father and daughter duo, plunges listeners into the depths of human emotion and sensibility. Released in January alongside a visually striking music video themed around the stark beauty of coldness, “EAU” – French for “water” – marks a new chapter in Dame Zina’s exploration of personal and intimate realms.

Known for their captivating blend of electro rock, the pair have drawn comparisons to the intimacy of Portishead, the art pop brilliance of Bjork, the eccentricity of Rita Mitsouko, as well as the vocal heights of Kate Bush. “EAU” continues to push musical boundaries, in a way that incorporates elements of electro, art pop, synthpop, experimental, and industrial rock, making it a testament to Dame Zina’s versatile and innovative spirit.

As an introspective journey into Dame Zina’s innermost thoughts and secret gardens, “EAU” delves into the complexities of emotions, offering listeners a multi-sensory experience that resonates with the duo’s core themes of feminism, freedom, and the depth of human feelings.

Dame Zina, comprising the lyrical and vocal talents of Dame Zina herself and the compositional genius of Y, continues to forge a unique path in the music industry. Writing in both English and French, they tackle subjects close to their hearts, from feminism to freedom, all while captivating audiences with their innovative soundscapes.

The release of “Fairytales” garnered widespread acclaim, with critics praising its creativity, haunting vocals, and mesmerizing production. “EAU” builds on this foundation, promising to enchant listeners with its intricate arrangements and ethereal sound design.

Dame Zina’s commitment to artistic innovation is also evident in their open invitation to remixers, offering free downloads of all stems for creative exploration. Have fun!

Genre: Dream Pop, Synth Pop, Synthwave, Alternative Pop, Art Pop, Experimental

Mood: Intimate, Mesmerizing, Emotional, Innovative, Ethereal, Haunting


Exploring the Depths of Emotion with Dame Zina’s Latest Single ‘EAU’

Entitled “Exploring the Depths of Emotion with Dame Zina’s Latest Track ‘EAU’”, the article discusses the recent release by Dame Zina, a French father-daughter duo. Their latest single, ‘EAU’, follows their third album, ‘Fairytales’, which explored themes of magic and feminism. Unlike its predecessor, ‘EAU’ takes a more introspective approach, delving into human emotion against an electro-rock backdrop.

The article highlights how ‘EAU’ epitomizes Dame Zina’s dedication to authenticity and artistic exploration. The music video, centered around the concept of coldness, cleverly aligns with the song’s title, which translates to “water” in French. This thematic consistency enhances the overall listening experience.

The emotional depth of ‘EAU’ is emphasized, with Dame Zina once again revealing their innermost thoughts and feelings through their music. The lyrics offer insight into the duo’s personal journey, touching on themes such as love, loss, and self-discovery.

Musically, ‘EAU’ retains Dame Zina’s electro-rock style while incorporating elements of artpop, synthpop, and industrial rock. This blend of genres creates a captivating sonic landscape that draws comparisons to influential artists like Portishead, Bjork, Rita Mitsouko, and Kate Bush.

Dame Zina’s commitment to social commentary is also highlighted, as they use their platform to address issues such as feminism and freedom. ‘EAU’ serves as a reminder of the power of art to challenge societal norms and provoke thought.

Behind the scenes, Dame Zina consists of Zina, the vocalist and lyricist, and Y, the composer, instrumentalist, and producer. Together, they have continued to push the boundaries of their sound since their debut album in 2020, releasing singles, EPs, and remixes.

In an effort to foster creativity and collaboration, Dame Zina offers their stems for free download to aspiring remixers. This commitment to openness and experimentation underscores their dedication to building a vibrant artistic community.

In conclusion, ‘EAU’ represents Dame Zina’s growth as artists and individuals. With its emotive melodies and genre-defying sound, it showcases the transformative power of music. As they continue to carve out their own path in the industry, Dame Zina’s impact is undeniable, and ‘EAU’ is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey ahead.”

Dame Zina explore les profondeurs de la sensibilité humaine à travers son single intitulé « Eau »

Dame Zina se fait progressivement une place sur la prestigieuse scène musicale. Ce duo de père et fille combine leur talent pour créer quelque chose d’exceptionnel. Cette fois, le disque qu’il propose à son public est intense. Il se glisse aisément dans les profondeurs de la sensibilité humaine.

Aussi vaste et doté d’un calme presque troublant, « Eau » est un titre intrigant. Il s’ouvre délicatement et crée instantanément une atmosphère mythique. L’auditeur est alors saisi par la fascinante voix de la chanteuse, qui semble être possédée. En effet, cette présence vocale rompt le temps grâce aux vibrations hypnotiques qu’elle propage. Les effets sonores qui enveloppent cette voix délicieuse conservent la touche de mystère de l’accueil. On a l’impression d’être entré dans un univers dont on ignore tout, le danger peut venir de partout. 

Cependant, ce calme déconcertant est tout aussi agréable. On croirait être le seul habitant de la planète, seules  les vagues de l’océan marquent leur présence. Un si beau contraste entre quiétude et étrange qui naissent de la froideur des notes électroniques ne peut être que immersif !

Ce morceau est décidément une belle combinaison de sonorités d’artpop et de synthpop. Laissez-vous emmener par les vagues électro envoûtantes!”



“Father-daughter duo Dame Zina are no stranger to soul-stirring vocals and stunning music. With their newest release, however, the pair have taken their artistry to new depths that will leave even seasoned fans in awe. “Eau,” Dame Zina’s latest track, is a six-minute odyssey through an ocean of feelings so powerful it threatens to overflow.

“Eau” – French for “water” – lives up to its name. Dame Zina’s vocals reverberate over the listener in waves, pulling them into vibrant worlds of emotion. Her breathtaking soprano glides from gentle ripples to towering eruptions that seem to fill the soul with feeling. It’s easy to get lost paying attention to all the detail she injects into each note, as if discovering hidden vistas and life within each drop of sound. You can feel every surge of sentiment that inspired the song’s creation.

Of course, it takes more than vocals alone to create a work as transcendent as “Eau.” Behind Dame Zina’s mesmerizing voice lie layers of lush instrumentation and production that enhance and elevate the aural experience. The notes dance on the surface while deeper textures provide an endless sea for her vocals to float upon. Complex patterns carry the arrangement to new emotional depths. Dame Zina’s vocals and outstanding production create a relaxing ambiance, like sinking into a warm bath. All your cares and worries seem to dissolve away as the music soothes, cleanses, and renews on levels both visceral and spiritual.

“Eau” offers a gorgeous new sound to check out. Her classic toned vocals shine, and there is an increased feeling of closeness and tenderness to her performance.

“Eau” demonstrates how Dame Zina’s skill advances with every successive release. The pair have shown that they are imaginative composers capable of making songs that fascinate fans on a significant spiritual level, going beyond simply having amazing voices. “Eau” is without a doubt one of 2024’s most exquisite records yet; it is essential listening for all lovers of poignant music. Dame Zina can transport you to “Eau” and beyond, whether you need a good tear, a break from reality, or just a means to feel more fully.”

Eau from Dame Zina: A Beautiful Exploration of Human Emotions :

Dame Zina’s latest single “Eau” is a beautiful exploration of human emotion. The French duo, consisting of a father and daughter, bring their signature blend of electronic, synthpop, and avant-garde sounds to create an intimate listening experience. Released on the heels of their well-received feminism-inspired album “Fairytales,” “Eau” continues Dame Zina’s journey into personal yet relatable themes.

From the very first notes, “Eau” casts a spell. Synthesizers and keyboards wash over the listener like waves. The electronics provide a gauzy, dreamlike ambience, transporting one into Dame Zina’s emotional world. As the song builds, the daughter’s vocals emerge with a raw, almost spoken style reminiscent of Kate Bush. She sings verses in French in a hushed tone overlaid by lush backing harmonies. When the chorus arrives, her voice opens up beautifully to belt out high, crisp notes that pierce right to the core.

Over five years, Dame Zina have won over fans with their fusion of electronica, rock, pop and avant-garde styles. They first turned heads in 2019 with their debut “What If.” Since then they have explored their arty pop sound across two albums, EPs and singles. While English features heavily in their songs, French lyrics also shine through, nodding to their Parisian roots.

Eau: Beyond the Beat

The lyrics of “Eau,” meaning “water” in French, evoke images of depth, reflection, and passage. The water metaphors connect emotionally to the ebbs and flows of human experience. 

Dame Zina’s vocals undulate between vulnerability and strength, grief and joy. Like water, the song moves through emotional states fluidly.

“Eau” rewards deep and attentive listening. Like an impressionist painting, it may seem abstract initially but crystallizes with time into something poignant and relatable.

At nearly seven minutes long, “Eau” unfolds gently with enough variation to sustain interest. One can easily get lost in the music. This single is essential listening for fans of emotive pop or avant-garde electronica.”


Dame Zina is a daughter/father French duo making music in their garage. She likes to act and write about girl power. He likes gritty synths and convoluted drums.

Dame Zina’s latest release, “Eau,” follows hot on the heels of their third album, “Fairytales,” which delved into themes of magic and feminism. Released in January alongside a mesmerizing music video centered on the theme of coldness, “Eau” continues to showcase Dame Zina’s artistic evolution and their exploration of deeply personal and intimate themes.

In this new project, Dame Zina ventures into uncharted territory, delving into the inner workings of the human psyche and the complexities of human emotion. Unlike their previous works, which often touched on broader themes, “Eau” takes a more introspective approach, inviting listeners into the artist’s inner world and secret garden.

At its core, “Eau” is a poignant exploration of emotions and the depths of human sensibility. Through haunting melodies and evocative lyrics, Dame Zina crafts a sonic landscape that resonates with raw emotion and vulnerability. Track serves as a window into the artist’s soul, offering glimpses of their innermost thoughts and feelings.

Thematically, “Eau” delves into the multifaceted nature of human emotions, from love and longing to pain and introspection. The track’s title, French for “water,” serves as a metaphor for the fluidity and depth of human emotion, with immersing listeners in a different emotional experience.

What sets “Eau” apart is its ability to evoke a profound sense of connection and empathy in listeners. Dame Zina’s introspective lyrics and soulful vocals invite listeners to reflect on their own experiences and emotions, forging a deep and intimate bond between artist and audience.

In essence, “Eau” is more than just a track; it’s a journey into the depths of the human soul. Through its evocative melodies and heartfelt lyrics, Dame Zina invites listeners to explore the intricacies of human emotion and the transformative power of vulnerability. As listeners immerse themselves in the haunting beauty of “Eau,” they are reminded of the universality of human experience and the healing potential of music.”

Dame Zina is a father-daughter duo that released their latest single- Eau, the melody fills your chest with a melody that thumps through your heart. She likes to write about girl power and act while he likes gritty synth and convoluted drums. The chemistry that these two have shines through every inch of the song. The track is a magical experience that has you believing in music’s ability to transport you to another realm. 

The track begins with some feisty and strong music as the French singer makes her entrance. And to say that her voice sounds heavenly would be an understatement. They create a whole realm with their music and you see it form layer by layer with the guitar. And you can see Dame Zina walk above all this chaos of creation on a tightrope. You see her hold balance as she exudes equilibrium through her voice. The music is eerily magical and mystical owing to the grungy electric guitar and grounding drums. You feel the sky and earth come together with their music. I guess you can say that their music has the ability to unite the forces of nature. 

This magic within the song makes it the perfect match for Wednesday. Especially because the series also pays such close attention to the father-daughter relationship. So id you want to listen to some gripping grunge fairy-like music, I highly suggest you hit that play button. Eau by Dame Zina open our eyes where colors will fly off the papers and walls only to zoom you to a world beyond your imagination.”


“DAME ZINA releases new single “EAU” being the first work released this year. Previously, the album “Fairytales” with 14 songs was released last year.

This new project is more personal than ever, more intimate with our inner thoughts and the secret garden. “Eau” particularly explores emotions and the depths of human sensitivity. True to the electro rock style, Dame Zina has been compared to the intimacy of Portishead, the artpop of Bjork, the madness of Rita Mitsouko and the high notes of Kate Bush. Always exploring different styles, the album and this single bring touches of electro, artpop, synthpop, experimental and industrial rock.

French daughter/father duo, Dame Zina writes and sings, Y composes, plays, writes and produces. They write in English and French about what’s important with themes of feminism, freedom and emotions. After a first album in 2020, they continue with a wave of pop, rock and electronic singles and EPs in 2022 and many videos, and a 2nd album of original songs and remixes in 2023.

“EAU” begins with a unique dream pop atmosphere with synthesizer, a deep and velvety vocal that carries emotions and a touch reminiscent of the classic French style. With lyrics that fluctuate between English and French, an 80s-style synthesizer in the background that weaves a sound as if we were being abducted. The track takes us into authentic pop, which escapes the industrial style, filling us with culture and a theatrical cinematic vibe that makes the duo’s performance take our breath away.

“EAU” has a chorus that sticks quickly, even though we don’t know how to speak French, we want to sing together in a repetition of the chorus that is electrifying. The track is full of life, with transitions and sections that take us to other environments. “EAU” surprises by starting light, slow and humming in all aspects, but it is that type of song that grows and makes synth pop and electro rock infect the surrounding environment, in a timeless hit, it could have been playing in the 80s how easily you can play in 2080.”

Dame Zina Unleashes Emotional Resonance with “EAU” – A Deep Dive into Intimacy and Sensibility :

Dame Zina, the dynamic father-daughter duo hailing from France, has unveiled their latest sonic gem, “EAU.” Following the enchanting themes of magic and feminism explored in their third album, “Fairytales,” this single, released in January, takes listeners on a profound journey into the intricacies of human emotions. Accompanied by a visually captivating music video that cleverly encapsulates the essence of “EAU,” meaning “water” in French, the song transcends mere auditory delight. With an introspective lens, Dame Zina delves into the more personal and intimate realms of their inner thoughts and secret gardens.

Remaining faithful to their signature electro-rock style, Dame Zina has garnered comparisons to musical luminaries like Portishead for their intimate vibe, Bjork’s artpop finesse, the eccentricity reminiscent of Rita Mitsouko, and the ethereal qualities akin to Kate Bush’s high-pitched artistry. What emerges is a unique blend of electro, artpop, synthpop, experimental, and industrial rock. The daughter, Dame Zina, lends her evocative vocals and insightful songwriting to the track, while her father, Y, proves his mettle as a versatile artist, handling composition, instrumentation, and production duties. “EAU” stands out not just for its sonic aesthetics but also for its thematic depth. The song goes beyond language barriers, seamlessly weaving between English and French to address profound subjects like feminism, freedom, and the intricate tapestry of emotions. Having made their mark with a debut album in 2020 and a prolific 2022 featuring numerous pop, rock, and electronica singles and EPs, as well as impactful videos, Dame Zina continued their momentum into 2023 with a second album featuring original songs and remixes.

In “EAU,” Dame Zina invites listeners to immerse themselves in a sonic experience that transcends boundaries, offering a musical tapestry that resonates on both an emotional and contemplative level. This single serves as a testament to Dame Zina’s artistic evolution and their ability to craft not just songs but profound, emotive experiences. Dive into the introspective world of “EAU” and let Dame Zina’s musical alchemy wash over you.”


Emotive Waves And Ethereal Sounds Unleashed: Dame Zina Unveils ‘Eau’– A Profound Journey Through Human Sensibility :

Dame Zina, a compelling French duet consisting of a father-daughter combo, has been creating a distinctive soundscape that explores themes of freedom, feminism, and unfiltered emotions. Originating from the energetic metropolis of Paris, their career has been characterized by a blend of pop, rock, and electronica, garnering likenesses to legendary performers such as Bjork, Rita Mitsouko, Portishead, and Kate Bush. Dame Zina has cemented their position in the electro-rock scene with a remarkable history that includes a debut album released in 2020 as well as subsequent singles and Eps.

Their use of sound transcends traditional limits, and every piece they create is a vehicle for reflection and creative expression. With Dame Zina’s delicate voice and Y’sskillful instrumentation, their music transcends genres and transports listeners to the depths of human emotion. Dame Zina is an outstanding talent; her catalog includes both tender ballads and powerful anthems. Her impact on contemporary music has been significant and she has captivated audiences worldwide.

Eau,” a stunning piece of art that debuted on January 19th, 2024, is a great representation of Dame Zina’s artistic vision. The song, which is the newest release after their third album “Fairytales,” demonstrates the growth of the pair as musicians and storytellers. “Eau” captivates listeners with its enthralling tale, drawing them in from its dreamy opening notes to its tumultuous crescendo. It unfolds like a voyage through the depths of human emotion. The song is available in both a long version with an added bridge and a radio edit.

“Eau” is fundamentally a meditation on the nuances of human sensibility and the frailty of emotions. Dame Zina deftly captures the complexities of hypersensitivity in her heartbreaking lyrics and passionate vocal delivery, creating a vivid picture of inner conflict and introspection. An overpowering rush of emotions that threatens to overwhelm the protagonist is represented by the metaphor of water, which is represented by the French term “eau.” The concept is universally relatable, cutting over linguistic divides to speak directly to the human race.

The compelling vocal performance of Dame Zina, which alternates between calm moments of vulnerability and soaring intensity, is central to the song’s charm. Every phrase has a deep sense of sincerity and profundity because of the vocalist’s evident honest emotion. Every lyric and melody in the song resonates with unrestrained passion and longing, transporting listeners into a realm of heightened sensitivity as it progresses. This demonstrates Dame Zina’s skill as emotional interpreters and her ability to provoke emotional reactions through her compelling narratives.

The intricate and subtle musical arrangement mesmerizes as it complements the vocal prowess. Every component of the song, from the throbbing synths to the ethereal guitar notes, has been thoughtfully chosen to produce the greatest possible impact. Y’s skillful production and Dame Zina’s passionate performance work together to produce an engrossing and haunting soundscape. The music acts as a potent vehicle for the conceptual exploration of the song, whether it is rising to a thunderous climax or descending into calm moments of reflection.

One of the song’s most remarkable features is its ability to cut beyond linguistic barriers and appeal to listeners’ hearts in their original tongue. The vocal delivers raw emotion that crosses language barriers, evoking an emotional response from audiences worldwide, even though the lyrics are in French. It’s proof of the ability of moving storytelling to create relationships across cultural divides and the universality of music.

The artistically exquisite music video for “Eau” offers a visual accompaniment to the song’s conceptual investigation, adding even more polish to the release. The song’s ideas of fluidity and transition are embodied by Dame Zina as she melts into the forest, sea, and rocks in the background. The music’s emotional impact is enhanced by the immersive visual experience, which also entices listeners to lose themselves in the captivating picture.

As the song ends, the listener is left with a lingering impression that lasts long after the last notes disappear. “Eau” is a monument to Dame Zina’s talent and their unmatched capacity to enthrall audiences with their evocative storytelling, with its profound examination of human emotion and flawless execution. It is a song that defies classification, reaching beyond genre lines to provide an insight into the innermost workings of the human soul.

In conclusion, “Eau” is a life-changing experience that profoundly affects everyone who hears it. Therefore, don’t think twice—immerse yourself in “Eau’s” auditory universe to discover a song that actually transforms listeners beyond genre limits. Play “Eau” right now and allow its indisputable power to enchant you.”


(translated from Portuguese)

“Dame Zina releases a masterpiece, with the French pop ‘Eau’ :

Coming from Paris, Franã, this is a project that appears here in an unprecedented way, with a work revealed on streaming platforms recently and that we will talk more about below.

Launched during the second half of January, ‘Eau’ is a beautiful track in all its conception, either because of the angelic vocal line performed in French, elements such as the piano or its very rich instrumentation, present in this work of father and daughter responsible for enchanting our hearts.

Having a music video about coldness, because of the translation of the title means water, this track explores, with mastery, the emotions and depths of human sensitivity.”


“DAME ZINA Dives into the Depths of Emotion with “EAU”

DAME ZINA, the daughter-father French duo known for their electrifying blend of electro rock and poignant lyricism, is back with their latest single, “EAU.” Following the release of their third album, “Fairytales,” which delved into themes of magic and feminism, “EAU” marks a shift towards a more intimate exploration of human emotions and sensibility.

Released in January alongside a visually stunning music video that embodies the theme of coldness, “EAU” delves into the depths of emotion with a raw and unflinching honesty. The title, which translates to “water” in French, serves as a metaphor for the fluidity and depth of human experience explored throughout the song.

True to their signature electro rock style, DAME ZINA draws inspiration from an eclectic mix of influences, including the intimacy of Portishead, the art-pop sensibilities of Björk, the eccentricity of Rita Mitsouko, and the ethereal vocals of Kate Bush. Their music seamlessly blends elements of electro, art-pop, synthpop, experimental, and industrial rock, resulting in a sound that is both captivating and innovative.

At the heart of DAME ZINA’s music lies a commitment to exploring themes of feminism, freedom, and emotions. Comprised of Zina on vocals and Y on composition, instrumentation, and production, the duo writes and sings in both English and French, infusing their music with a sense of linguistic and cultural richness.

Since their debut album in 2020, DAME ZINA has continued to captivate audiences with a series of singles, EPs, and videos that push the boundaries of genre and storytelling. Their second album, released in 2023, showcased a diverse range of original songs and remixes, further solidifying their reputation as one of the most exciting acts in contemporary music.

In addition to their musical endeavors, DAME ZINA actively encourages collaboration and creativity within the music community. They offer all the stems from their tracks for free download, inviting remixers to put their own spin on their music and further expand its reach.  

With “EAU,” DAME ZINA invites listeners to embark on a deeply personal and introspective journey, exploring the complexities of human emotion and the beauty found within its depths. As they continue to push the boundaries of their craft, DAME ZINA reaffirms their position as trailblazers in the world of electro rock, captivating audiences with their mesmerizing soundscapes and thought-provoking lyricism.”


“The latest track “Eau” by French duo Dame Zina shows their continued commitment to breaking aesthetic boundaries. The genre-blending single “Eau” finds the father-daughter duo exploring new auditory ground after their highly praised 2023 album Fairytales.

Consisting of singer-songwriter Dame Zina and composer/producer Y, the pair have continuously released an impressive catalog of pop, rock, and electronic music since their 2020 debut. Their songs tackle themes of feminism, freedom, and raw emotion in both English and French.

With “Eau,” Dame Zina maintains their experimental spirit while formulating one of their most melodically entrancing songs to date. Brilliant synths carry the listener along on a hazy melodic journey, with Dame Zina’s vocals acting as a haunting guide. Layering delicate vocals over atmospheric backing tones creates soothing tension. It’s a testimonial to Dame Zina’s vocal prowess that she can fluidly transition between so many verses and choruses.

The deep feelings spoken are distinctly noticeable due to Dame Zina’s musical expressiveness. The song has a feeling of closeness because of her emotional performance, as though she is delivering a very confidential confession. It should come as no surprise that the duo deals with extremely private subjects, while “Eau” goes even further into the well of emotions among people. “Eau” defies being listened to as background music alone. It asks for the listener’s undivided focus and takes them on an expansive exploration tour. Dame Zina’s voice hovers above beautiful atmospheres while synths slink across them. The song’s melody is charming, and confident but delicate.

While their other works tread lightly on the Avant Pop frontier, “Eau” delves far into unexplored areas. It will be interesting to observe how the pair’s experimental sound develops further. For the time being, Dame Zina may rejoice over “Eau,” another superb contribution to an already remarkable career. The song is a moving piece of art that should be fully experienced and absorbed rather than listened to. We encourage you to spend time listening to “Eau” to completely understand everything that Dame Zina has accomplished.”


““Eau”, by Dame Zina: A blend of retro synths with a futuristic production!

Dame Zina is a French father-daughter duo that brings a delightful sound of synths and high, angelic vocals into a sound that one can characterise as retro, dreamy pop. On their latest single, “Eau”, they take this sound forward and end up coming up with something quite special– keep reading for my thoughts!

The song, right from the start, is laden with warm, groovy synths that immediately create a pacey, grooving atmosphere; the work on the sound design stands out here very well, as every sound does its part to add and complement the sound rather excellently. Everything from the low-end to the very high sparkle, there’s a synth filling up the space beautifully. 

The vocals are the other standout on “Eau”, quite easily; the high registers, the excellent control in the harder sections of the song, as well as the spoken sections that find themselves distributed through the song, all come together quite excellently. The vocal harmonies are also done really nicely, creating a very cohesive, powerful sound that does not take long to make itself at home in your head. Bravo!

The production and sound design on “Eau”, as I alluded to earlier, are par excellence; bringing just the tangy zest of their unique sound into a well-loved genre, they manage to elevate the level of track through the finesse of their execution; and not just that, the track is mixed with clarity, allowing every element to stand out naturally and prominently. There is excellent imaging and placement of sound, and every decision here contributes to driving the warm, synth-laden sound that Dame Zina execute so beautifully on this song.

Overall, “Eau”, by Dame Zina: a pleasure to listen to, not just for those of the synth persuasion, but also in general; and it’s executed rather beautifully.”

“Paris, France-based dream-pop group Dame Zina returns with the new single “Eau”. Dame Zina is a father-daughter pop duo who are fresh off of the release of their album, Fairytales. Their latest single “Eau” is a captivating song that blends element of synth-pop, electronic rock, and dream-pop, creating an eclectic hit. The production is highlighted by glistening arpeggios, ethereal synths, pulsating bass, and light drums. Dame Zina delivers an exquisitely hypnotic vocal performance that glides over the lush instrumentation. In English, the song title, “Eau,” translates to “water”, and the lyrics explore the secret gardens within us a the constant streams of thought that flow through them. Dame Zina’s new single “Eau” is an enthralling art pop hit and the perfect addition to any indie playlist. Learn more about Dame Zina on their official website and watch the music video for “Eau” below.”

Dame Zina’s “Eau”: A Mesmerizing Blend Of Electronic Artistry And Emotional Depth

Only a few examples of cinematographic achievement have been able to accomplish such feat as weaving innovation with emotional depth in a manner as smooth as in Father and Daughter.

The duo is back with a new single, “Eau” (French for “Water”) that is catchy and emotional. They integrate their personal feelings and experiences with life more subtly but still engagingly, adding new dimensions to the musical landscape.

In only a few years since their release of debut in 2020, Dame Zina is on the charm to be on the music map by producing all varieties such as pop, rock, or even electronic just like the best.

Their second single “Fairytales” was a step to its next single “Eau,” one of the most iconic by which one can describe their musical journey. Their music is a colourful melange beaded by threads of songs, freedom, independence, and affirmation; mostly spoken in a combination of languages, English and French, to add cultural richness and depth to it.

The style of Father and Daughter comfortably embraces these: the intimacy of Portishead, the innovative art pop of Bjork, the unique eccentricity of Rita Mitsouko and the singing range highly reminiscent of Kate Bush. An eclectic global impact on “Eau” is perceivable in the way how she uses electro, art pop, synthpop, experimental, and industrial rock styles skillfully is evident in this song.

In this record, the vocal range and precision are the most striking remarkable aspects, the high pitches and complex phrases being taken right with quite a technical skill.

Alongside, the speech parts inside the rhymes give another freshness to the song carrying the feeling where the listener reaches a concurrent with the singer. It is the duo’s music which earns high praise for its taste-melting sonic blend of emotions, cultural association and artistic harmony.

Father and Daughter continue to become more challenging with “Eau,” where both the characteristics offered by electronic pop and sonic snugness are shown. They invoke current issues like feminism, freedom, and emotions in a way that stands out because of the mixture of languages they make their work unique and also intellectually stimulating.

Amongst a throbbing music industry of formulaic sounds, Father Daughter’s’ “Eau” is the pastel-coloured enigma that is inconsistent with the currently insane music production scene.

It’s a song that not only tells about artistic talent but also for guests about inner life or simply provides relaxing pauses. Father and Daughter hold on to their position in the music industry by establishing new levels of maturity and conveying emotions gathered from various human narratives.”


“Dame Zina, the daughter/father French duo, presents their latest single, “Eau,” released on January 19, 2024. Following their previous album about magic and feminism, “Eau” takes a thematic shift to connect the concept of coldness, as the title suggests in French, meaning “water,”  to humanity.

The ethereal and delicate voice of the daughter immediately reminds you of Kate Bush as it captivates with oozing sensuality and softness while carrying an icy coolness reminiscent of Rita Mitsouko. Her vibrato can be felt through her high but tight vocal texture, this gives her humane and emotive tenderness more assertive control. Every bend in her note makes you want to close your eyes and feel.

Behind her vocals, the minimal electronic production draws influences from electro, artpop, synthpop, experimental, and industrial genres. The pulsing rhythms, glitzy textures, and glitchy elements create an atmospheric soundscape with dramatic lines that add intrigue to the emotional exploration in “Eau.” The song particularly dives in the sensibilities of the intricate tapestry of emotions.

As part of their more personal and intimate album, Dame Zina opens up about the secret garden inside all of us. They skillfully blend English and French lyrics and gets socially conscious about feminism, freedom, and emotions. Building on their musical journey that started with their debut album in 2020, the duo continued to make waves with pop, rock, and electronica singles and EPs.

Listen to the sensational masterpiece of Dame Zina that is “Eau” as it embodies the spirit of nature in the music.”

Echoes of Emotion: Exploring ‘Eau’ by Dame Zina :

“Dame Zina” unveils their latest musical masterpiece, “Eau,” a captivating single that follows the enchanting narrative of their third album, “Fairytales.” Released in the frosty embrace of January, “Eau” (French for “water”) arrives alongside a mesmerizing music video that echoes the chilling beauty of its title. This new offering from “Dame Zina” peels back layers of intimacy and introspection, inviting listeners into the depths of human emotion and sensibility. “Eau” serves as a poignant exploration of inner thoughts and secret gardens, offering a glimpse into the vulnerable heart of the duo’s artistic vision.

Remaining true to their signature electro-rock style, “Dame Zina” intricately weaves together elements of electronica, art pop, synthpop, experimental, and industrial rock, creating a sonic landscape that is as immersive as it is evocative. With “Eau,” the duo paints a vivid soundscape that captures the essence of water’s fluidity, ebbing and flowing with each haunting melody and pulsating rhythm. The song transcends mere musical expression, drawing listeners into a world where emotions run deep and vulnerability reigns supreme. Through poetic lyricism and ethereal vocals, “Dame Zina” navigates themes of love, loss, and the human experience with unparalleled grace and authenticity. Comprising a daughter-father duo, “Dame Zina” embodies the power of creative collaboration and shared artistic vision. While Dame Zina lends her soulful vocals and poignant songwriting to the project, Y brings his unparalleled talent for composition, instrumentation, and production, creating a harmonious synergy that is palpable in every note.

With “Eau,” “Dame Zina” continues to push the boundaries of sonic exploration, inviting listeners on a transformative journey of self-discovery and introspection. From the enchanting melodies to the haunting refrains, the song leaves an indelible mark on the soul, resonating with audiences long after the music fades. As “Dame Zina” continues to captivate audiences with their unparalleled artistry and unwavering authenticity, “Eau” stands as a testament to their boundless creativity and enduring legacy in the world of music. With each haunting chord and haunting lyric, the duo reaffirms their status as trailblazers in the contemporary music scene, leaving an indelible imprint on the hearts and minds of listeners everywhere.”

Dame Zina Return with Majestic New Tune ‘Eau’ :

Hot off the heels of their third album ‘Fairytales’, the father/daughter duo of Dame Zina has returned with a dreamy, eclectic, and synth-filled epic titled ‘Eau’. Based in Paris, the pair’s work has been likened to a mixture of Portishead, Björk, Les Rita Mitsouko, and Kate Bush. Make of that what you will. All I know is that I’ve been left completely mesmerized by their latest release. 

Sung in French, I have been reliably informed that the tune lyrically explores emotions and the depths of human sensibility. ‘Eau’, meaning water in English, was specifically unleashed in the winter, and once you’ve heard the track alongside its music video, you’ll begin to understand just why.

Fellow writer Gabriel labelled Dame Zina’s ‘Fairytales’ as “Elegance and eclecticism – a stunning, balanced and highly evocative record”. On first listen, I can’t disagree with him in any meaningful way. It’s pure musical genius.

It’s rare to fall for a song so quickly when you don’t understand the words. At least, I find it to be. ‘Eau’ has been the complete opposite though. From the first moment I heard it, I just knew that it was a piece of music that would stay with me for a long time.”


Dame Zina, an exceptional duo consisting of a father and daughter from France, unveils their latest musical triumph, “Eau,” showcasing their diverse talents as songwriters, vocalists, composers, instrumentalists, and producers. With lyrics that delve into themes of feminism, freedom, and raw emotion, Dame Zina constructs a musical narrative that deeply resonates with audiences in both English and French.

Eau” emerges as a pivotal track following their third album, “Fairytales,” which explores the realms of magic and feminism. Released in January alongside a visually captivating music video, the song explores the concept of coldness, mirroring the French translation of “eau” as “water.” This latest project represents a departure into more intimate and introspective territory, delving into the inner workings of the human psyche and the uncharted depths of our emotional landscapes. While retaining their signature electro-rock style, Dame Zina ventures into new sonic territories, blending elements of artpop, synthpop, experimental, and industrial rock into both the album and this standout single.

With “Eau,” Dame Zina invites listeners on an immersive journey through the complexities of human sensibility, exploring the intricacies of emotion with unparalleled depth and sincerity. As they traverse through electronic soundscapes and haunting melodies, listeners are transported to a realm where vulnerability and strength intertwine, leaving a lasting impression on the soul. “Eau” serves as a testament to Dame Zina’s unwavering dedication to pushing musical boundaries while remaining true to their core values of feminism, freedom, and emotional authenticity. With its captivating fusion of genres and profound lyrical insight, this single solidifies Dame Zina’s position as innovators in contemporary music, captivating audiences and evoking introspection with every captivating note.”

“Dame Zina is a father-daughter experimental folk rock duo. They are known for their unique and creative spins as they truly challenge the thresholds of the genre with electronica and other elements. ‘Eau’ is the duo’s latest single. With an ethereal and mystical ethos, the track is transcendental and daze infusing. And slowly, this appeal builds over bridges of 80s inspired synthwave, funk, and psychedelic electronica.

It is a cerebral world, carrying the fluid and contemplative energy of water or ‘Eau’. And this ambience develops over the course of the track, gaining texture, turbulence, emotion, and vibrance. It is as if you’ve entered the world of Daft Punk and FM 84, where edge meets innovation. In the bridge, truncated beat lines meet dark electronic mystery. Slivers of rap shimmers on top which glows and grows in light before it rides into a mellow climactic anthem. Listen Now!

The track represents a new dimension to this duo, a unique new personality. It expands the horizon that they had set up for themselves in their debut album. This one showcases a whole new sonic scenario and fresh challenge. Their conceptual ability, elegant technique, and evocative design is so candid yet strategic. Classy, elegant, and new.”

Dame Zina, a phenomenal father-daughter duo, brings us on a mesmerizing journey into the depths of human emotion with their latest release “Eau”, set against a backdrop of electro-rock fusion. Released as part of their latest project following the album “Fairytales”, this track delves into personal introspection and the complexities of human sensibility. With a blend of English and French lyrics, Dame Zina’s distinctive style draws comparisons to iconic artists like PortisheadBjörk, and Kate Bush. This wonderful track showcases the duo’s versatility, incorporating elements of electro, artpop, synthpop, experimental, and industrial rock, while maintaining a sense of intimacy and authenticity, a truly remarkable song!”

“Paris-based duo Dame Zina impressed last year with the album Fairytales, and continues that strong momentum with the track “Eau.” The father-daughter electro-rock team cast a lush intrigue here, which develops into an impassioned captivation in the riveting vocal performance, especially.

A dreamily enveloping tonal development builds steadily. Glimmering synth tones and theatrical vocals glide into a pit-pattering percussive presence, as spacey synths take an infectious lead approaching the one-minute turn. Here, the vocals cast a chilly, haunting character alongside arp-y synth movements. 

The two-minute turn exudes a brighter, confident character in its “je suis,” refrain; the effervescent shift plays with cathartic satiation, as does a dazzling second half that varies from spoken-word intrigue to fervent vocal rises. “Eau” is a stirring showcase in songwriting and atmosphere from Dame Zina. Its title translating to “water,” Dame Zina describe the track as exploring “emotions and the depths of human sensibility.””



1. cru cru Dame Zina, super nice to have the chance to chat with you. First and foremost what got you into music?

I got into theater before music, so i started acting before singing, and music became another way to interpret for me. now, singing is a part of me, and i can’t imagine acting witghout singing !

2. What’s the best decade for dream pop?

hard to say, as there are some great bands today… but ill stick to the classics : the 90s !! after all, that’s when it all started !!

3. What’s your favorite electronic album to listen to during a bad day?

i have to choose amongst my favorite artists ? pink floyd, massive attack, ladytron… ill pick mezzanine for a bad day, it always helps !!

4. What’s the best advice you ever gave to another underground artist?

i’d say, there’s an audience for everything, don’t try to blend in to find more fans, the best fans are the ones who like what you’ll create at your core, deep inside. music is an art about truthfulness, you have to be as honest as possible !!

5. What is “Eau” and why is it such an epic piece?

Eau is our latest single and music video, it’s an electro rock song about hypersensitivity and the overflow of emotions that often get to me. i used water, eau, in french, as a metaphor, because of it’s many forms, its flows… the music video conveys this feeling of being completely drowned under water !! fun fact : i actually got really really wet and cold shooting it, i went to a frozen river and stayed in a light dress under a crazy rain !

6. How is your experience as an indie artist going?

indie isn’t pop, we don’t try to appeal to the masses, or have thousands of fans, i love that the people who listen to our music are just as niche as we are. music is fun, and we have fun together !!

7. What songs and albums are still inspiring you even until this day?

pink floyd, all the time, daft punk, every day !! i listen to nine inch nails very often, it never gets old !! my dad, the other half of dame zina, raised me to these bands and i never stopped listening to them!!

8. What’s so special about the synthwave scene?

what i love most is its freedom, synthwave comes from so many different genres and has so many different inspirations, i feel like through it, i can create anything and be a part of the community !!

9. Are you a fan of movies?

yes !! movies, music, theater, dance, museums… every art inspires me. movies often combines many of those, i draw a lot of inspiration from them!


“Eau” is born in the cradle of an immediately exotic and sensual performance in French that takes place behind the microphone and draws my attention immensely, since that’s where the spotlight is. On the other hand, the synthetic melodies provide a dreamy atmospheric backing and the minimalist, skeletal beats propel this romantic rocket forward. Then the synthesizers begin to swirl and we enter a synthetic odyssey that makes the flower of love bloom through her voice, which is sculpted in crystal in this extremely romantic track whose symphony ends with soft piano finishes.”


(translated from Portuguese)

“EAU” makes us delve into the sensory connections of the mind

Oscillating through the French and English language, DAME ZINA , presents majestic sensations, which, flowing through perception, indicate signs of life and consciousness, the title “ EAU ”, which means water in French, proves to be an unforgettable masterpiece. 
Using synthesized effects, robust intonations and palpable softness, the melody expands gracefully, filling the thoughts that the verses will work with with color and depth. 
The entire atmosphere is flooded with a fog that mixes the marks of mysteries with a sense of unspoken truths, a striking characteristic of this and other works. 
The verses move with a synchronized dance, between ideas and natural elements, reinforcing the idea of ​​fluidity and destiny, in each brand presented, which are in tune with human sensitivity, making us delve deeply into the mind. 
Surreal and admirably, the sound makes us move through reality, allowing us to recognize the portals of consciousness and dreams, expanding the connective line of the two points and reinforcing the importance of one, for the existence of the other. 
Explore the colors of the secret garden glimpsed here and collect the key that allows you to access the depth of your own emotions, recognizing the labyrinth of letters and ideas that only you can organize. 
“ EAU ” a sonic magic that elevates the senses and perceptions.”


(translated from Italian)

“Water is a vital source, that natural element without which there would be no life on earth and in any other universe. Just to the water they dedicated a song by Dame Zina, a French electro-rock duo composed of their father and daughter. The title of the song is “Eau”, which in French means water. Water becomes a metaphor for exploring human emotions among a distinctive blend of electronic, synthpop and avant-garde sounds to create an intimate and immersive listening experience.

In the wake of the feminism-inspired album ‘Fairytales’, ‘Eau’ continues Dame Zina’s journey towards personal but perfectly recognisable themes. From the first notes “Eau” casts a spell and enchants the listener, overwhelmed by the synthesizers and the sounds of the keyboards like waves. Electronics helps to create a veiled and dreamy atmosphere, transporting the listener into the emotional world of Dame Zina.

During its development the song takes more and more body, with the voice of the singer standing out imperious and emerging thanks to its raw and authentic style, almost spoken. The verses, even more enveloping because they are sung in the French language, have a slightly subdued tone superimposed on the lush harmonies that are felt in the background. When the refrain arrives, the voice opens completely, intoning stanzas and verses that penetrate into the soul.

The singer’s ethereal voice fascinates with its sensuality and softness that enclose a sort of coldness, which over time dissolves until it embodies human warmth and tenderness. After each note you want to close your eyes and let yourself be accompanied by the singer’s bewitching voice into a new and unknown world.

Minimal electronic production draws its cue from the electro, synthpop, artpop, experimental and industrial genres. The pulsating rhythms, smaint plots and glitch elements create a soft soundscape with dramatic lines that make the emotional exploration of “Eau” even more intriguing.

The theme of “Eau” evokes images of depth and reflection, and water is an emotional metaphor that connects to the flows and refluxes typical of human experience. Like water the singer’s voice oscillates between vulnerability and strength, pain and joy, moving at times fluid and at times impetuous through the various human emotional states, just like a waterway.

Once again Dame Zina have done a wonderful work of musical collage, merging different genres such as electronics, rock, pop and other avant-garde styles. Their debut on the music stage dates back to 2019, when they debuted with “What if”. Since then they have explored their artistic pop sound, without fear of calcasing unfamiliar or otherwise unexplored terrain.

“Eau”, like an Impressionist painting, may seem a bit abstract at first, but a more careful listening is enough to understand that the texts crystallize into something concrete, tangible and deeply touching. Lasting almost 7 minutes, the song develops with very creative variations that always keep the listener’s interest alive. For lovers of emotional pop, avant-garde electronics and in general for those with a fine ear, “Eau” is definitely a song that can’t be missing in your favorite playlist.”

Dame Zina Creates a Mysterious Atmosphere With Her New Song “Eau”

Dame Zina emerges as a musical figure in the vibrant tapestry of Parisian music. She unveils her artistry as a captivating Pop sensation. Hailing from the heart of France’s cultural capital, the father-daughter duo creates music out of their garage, with melodies that echo through the cobblestone streets. They are known for their intimate, personal lyrics and different musical styles, including electro, artpop, synthpop, experimental, and industrial rock. Interestingly enough, their music style blends electro rock with influences from Portishead, Bjork, Rita Mitsouko, and Kate Bush. In their array of music, they feature lyrics in both English and French, addressing themes like feminism, freedom, and emotions. The duo released their third album, “Fairytales,” in January, focusing on magic and feminism.

“Her symphonic aura weaves tales of emotion and empowerment with a delicate yet resolute touch.”

“Eau” is a French ballad by Dame Zina released on 19th January. This song has a unique musical style, sung in the sensual and beautiful French language. This song is unlike any other as it explores emotions and human sensibility, leaving audiences in awe with a music video emphasizing coldness. Although an English speaker such as I did not understand the lyrics of the song, I thoroughly enjoyed the smooth ebb and flow of this melodious track. The essence of mystique seeps through the very fabric of their song. I believe it is an enchanting composition that remains hidden from the spotlight. It awaits the discovery of a wider audience that will appreciate its depth and allure.”

EAU: A Refreshing Torrent in the Indie Music Scene by DAME ZINA

Dive into the powerful current of DAME ZINA’s music that’s reshaping the Parisian soundscape

In the tumultuous tides of the independent music scene, it’s rare to find a song that can truly be called a harbinger of change. DAME ZINA, hailing from the vibrant streets of Paris, frames a potent narrative in her latest single, “EAU.” With this track, she isn’t just releasing music; she’s crafting an emotional splash that resonates with the essence of art pop and the depth of Europe’s rich cultural heritage.

“EAU” flows with organic intensity, a testament to synth pop’s enduring legacy. It’s as if DAME ZINA has distilled the spirit of Grimes and the innovative edge of Björk into something fundamentally unique and arresting. Her voice serves as the guiding current, sweeping listeners through an audial journey that’s both epic and intimately personal, reflecting the duality of water’s calm and storm.

In an era where electronic pop can often seem mass-produced, “EAU” stands out as an experimental general in an army of the generic. It’s a song crafted not just for the ears but for the heart and soul, leaving a lasting imprint. A PopHits.Co‘s music curator has put it succinctly, “DAME ZINA’s ‘EAU’ is not just a melody but an audacious statement, an anthem crafted in the experimental forges of dream pop and alternative pop that dances with unyielding grace and feminine power.”

Now, let the epic synth-wave current sweep you to the most evocative corners of the music industry. As she conjures soundscapes replete with female vocals that soar high and dip low with emotive precision, DAME ZINA stands as a bastion of authenticity in an often overly synthesized world. “EAU” is the kind of musical experimentation that doesn’t just break boundaries; it reshapes them into new horizons.”

Dame Zina’s “Eau” Is a Mesmerizing Journey Through the Depths of Human Emotion

Here’s to another installment of our music review series. Today, we’re excited to revisit the work of French father-daughter duo Dame Zina. You may recall that we featured them last year on our blog, where we raved about their third album, “Fairytales,” a sprawling, 14-track journey through a variety of musical styles and emotional landscapes. Dame Zina is back with a new single, “Eau,” and it’s even more personal and intimate than their previous work. The song is entirely sung in French, and it explores the depths of human emotion with stunning beauty and grace.

As “Eau” begins its delicate embrace, we are quickly wrapped in sweet threads of music, led by Zina’s appealing voice. The opening lines, “Infime dans l’océan, je traverse les mers d’écumes,” carefully set the tone for the remarkable journey that awaits. It’s as if we’re floating in an ocean of emotions, propelled by currents of reflection and vulnerability. Zina’s performance is stunning. Her vocals are sensual and strong, and she perfectly carries the song’s emotional range. She shares both vulnerability and power and her passionate delivery brings the lyrics to life. From what I’ve heard, Dame Zina has given me a reason to be a fan and cherish their music forever.

Delving into the lyrics, the theme of “Eau” is the power and fragility of water. So, the song explores the many different ways that water can be experienced, both positive and negative. Water can be a source of strength and comfort, but it can also be destructive and dangerous. “Eau” reminds us that water is a vital resource that we must protect. Also, the lyrics serve as windows into the soul, exploring themes of fragility, resilience, and self-discovery. Lines like “Je me sens si fragile, Dégringole sur la joue qui pleure” (I feel so fragile, Tumbling down the crying cheek) evoke a visceral sense of vulnerability, while others, such as “Je me sens si puissante, Sculpte les flancs de marbre blanc” (I feel so powerful, Sculpting the flanks of white marble), speak to the indomitable spirit that lies within.

The production of “Eau” is simply stunning. The song is perfectly paced, and the instrumentation is both beautiful and interesting. I enjoyed the arrangement of the song. Though the daughter’s vocals are the star of the show, the father’s contributions are also essential. His guitar playing provides a solid foundation for the song, and his electronic flourishes add a touch of modernity. A skill I will categorize as golden.

Dame Zina’s “Eau” masterwork defies genre and language limitations, urging us to sink ourselves into the unbearable depths of human emotion. This charming piece, with its intriguing melodies and insightful lyrics, reminds us that genuine beauty is found in the raw sincerity of our shared humanity, rather than perfection. So, I implore you to put aside the menial tasks of everyday life and join us on this heavenly journey with Dame Zina. Let their music guide us to the uncharted waters of our innermost self, where desires combine with reality and the soul finds its real reflection.”

(translated from Portuguese)

Dame Zina: French duo enchants with the captivating “Eau”

The French family duo Dame Zina (formed by father and daughter), emerged in 2020, already attracting attention with the beautiful album “Emerald Eyes”. Afterwards, a series of other great releases, including singles, EP’s and albums, occurred, including the great “Fairytales”, from 2023. Now, continuing the work, they have just presented their newest single, entitled “Eau”.

Maintaining fidelity to their previous releases, in “Eau” (water in French), they deliver a pleasant and engaging song, which mixes with unique competence, elements of electronics, pop/rock, synthpop, all in a very natural way, which makes the song, to paraphrase the title, flow smoothly like the waters of an idyllic stream, with cold and pleasant waters. All of this is complemented with a beautiful vocal line, which knows when to sound softer and to sound a little more energetic.

The sensitivity that music conveys to the listener is something truly captivating, capable of deeply moving emotions, something rare nowadays and that should be highly valued. It’s one of those immersive songs that makes you want to leave it on repeat for hours.”