Dame Zina – Electro-Vegetal Rock

Dame Zina is an ode between electronic music and ethereal poetry.

Dame Zina is a dream of happiness, union, love, acceptance and equity. A drive towards the beauty of everything, of every being. A hand extended to each woman, to blossom and find love for herself. A fusion between styles, genres, dreams, fears and stories, and, finally, a well of sincerity and personal reflections, more universal than one would think.

Dame Zina is the work of a father and a daughter, Médéric Degoy and Carla Degoy. While the first, trained as a sound engineer at Louis Lumière, is the creator of music and melodies, the second writes, plays, sings and dances in conservatories since childhood. Their arts mix and mingle to form sensitive and lively songs, odes between electronic music and ethereal poetry. Visual realizations once again signed by the family duo, clips shot in places of childhood and warmth, in the Pyrenees, or the Mediterranean Sea.

The interventions of exceptional artists enrich their repertoire with jazz touches. The classical cello of Ophélie Humbertclaude, with its poetic fullness, the jazz clarinet of Lucien Lacquement, with its improvisational allure and invigorating dynamics. The soft covers are captured by the romantic Isabelle Banco, and the graphics are designed by Christine Degoy, again a family story !

With a variety of inspirations, from French songs to contemporary music, from Massive Attack to Philip Glass, from Portishead to Nine Inch Nails or from Fauve to Jain… an ensemble of different styles creates an unclassifiable fusion, led by poetry. Let’s call it Electro-Vegetal Rock. Let’s put Aphex Twin, Nancy Sinatra, Kraftwerk, Steve Reich and all Nonesuch in the melting pot, all the baroque music, Motown, progressive rock — Pink Floyd, Led Zep –, Trent Reznor again (what a genius), Joan Baez, and say we also like Soundgarden, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage against the machine, Pearl Jam, Bach, Laurent Garnier, Frank Zappa, Yann Tiersen, David Lynch (to see with your eyes closed), Faith no more and all Mike Patton, Chick Corea, Avishai Cohen, Coltrane, Magma and all Christian Vander, the rather old school Hip-Hop, Nina Simone, Tool, Lana Del Rey, Feu Chatterton, Ibrahim Maalouf…

The project of this first album was conceived as a logical event, in a family of artists, with complementary talents. Mederic composed and wrote, Carla wrote and sang, and both of them will embark on the crazy project of creating a project on both sides, each element of which will come from their two hearts together, from their humanity.

5 singles and videos are to be released before the full album on 29/02/20.