Mother Nature, second single de Dame Zina

Mother nature est le second single de Dame Zina. Il figurera dans l’album Emerald Eyes, qui sortira le 29 février 2020.

C’est un hommage à notre monde, à sa simplicité et son harmonie. Un poème à l’unité, à laisser notre individualisme de côté pour apprécier notre univers, notre mère nature, aimante et chaleureuse, au moins quelques instants.

Ce second single est écrit par Dame Zina, et composé par Y. Son clip est réalisé par le duo.

I was born closer to the universe
My head always in the moon and the clouds
I was a dreamer, sensing everything
I was made of love and feelings only

But I was incomplete, barely on the ground
I had that dream, to be one with the earth
I didn't want to be one of these flying fairies
fallen from the sky and the stars
I wanted to be a guardian angel
Rising from deeper in mother nature

Now, I am a simple loving human
Thankful for the life I was offered
I am nothing perfect or undamaged
But here I am beautiful and sacred
We all are

And the sunsets in my thoughts, the forests,
the oceans in my blood, birds in my ears,
the stars under my skin, roots in my hands,
flowers in my eyes and trees for my hair

I believe we are made of deepest love
Born from ashes of a burning sun
Our voice given by the volcanoes winds
Standing on strengths of the running water

I thank you for the life I was given
Mother nature, sharing your soul with us
For we are gods, for we love each moment

We all are

We all are beautiful and sacred