Confidence, single by Dame Zina. 15/04/2022

During our adventure to self love, a lot of things seem hard to achieve, not only inside ourselves, but also in the way we are with other people. To me, the hardest part is always deciding what to accept from others and where to draw the line of respect.

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The original flower associated with Confidence is a Magnolia, symbol of nobility. To me, that idea of nobility can go further than simple social rank, it is a sign of respect between two people.

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Lyrics :

They came to me before and stole my pride
they told me they knew best I simply had no clue
And they took advantage of my candor
I was still just a girl I figured it was right

all my life I’ve known I deserved respect
But you showed me the way in confidence

all my life I’ve known I deserved respect
you showed me the way in confidence
I feel like I can cross any ocean
nobody can break my confidence 

And then you came to me full of respect
You always put my needs above the whole wild world
You showed me that I knew what I wanted
You saw that I could be so much more than a girl

I feel like I can climb any moutains
I know that I can be Entirely confident
I can be weak or strong real and honest
I can tell you my fears express my desires

All our life we’ve known we deserved respect
We explore the way in confidence
We feel like we can cross any ocean
Nobody can break our confidence