House of Zina, Dame Zina’s second album. 23/03/23.

For this second album we keep our electro rock style, with a house vibe. It starts with 5 new songs and goes on with 10 remixes of our released songs. This album is a step up for us into the night world. We’re exploring femininity, freedom, acceptance and a strong desire to let go of daily pressure. At night, everything can be forgotten, we can imagine a new and fresh life for ourselves, and maybe, if we dream strongly enough… it will come true in the morning.
Music is all about perspective, this album is our way of bringing a new point of view on life and dance music. Also, we LOOOOOVE remixes and we give the stems for our song, free to download. So if you feel inspired by these remixes, please come by and drop your own!

We are a French duo, Dame Zina writes and sings, Y composes, plays, writes and produces. If you like electro, rock, poetry, nature, love and dreams, our music is for you! We write on what matters to us: feminism, freedom and emotions.

We released our first electro rock album after 4 singles and music videos in 2020, continued with a wave pop, rock and electronica of releases for 4 months in the beginning of 2022 (one single a week, then one EP a month until now), and routed everything house in this release. We do electro-rock, sometimes more rock, sometimes more easy, sometimes more house. This second album is definitely 100% electronica, art pop and house. And we have a looooooot more songs coming…

This album will be introduced by its first original song’s music video : Always right, out on march 3rd. Directed by gaelle oro and Dame Zina, starring contortionist rozayiia, this MV is a metaphor of the cave we bury ourself into with our pride.

Already selected by radios and playlists in Mexico, UK, France, Brazil…

« The analogue synth led production style is atmospheric and reminded me of some of my favourite early 00s artists (Miss Kittin for example). The vocal has an assertive quality which is distinctive. Fans of art pop would like it. — BP (UK)

A well produced electronica song. It reminds me a little of Kylie Minogue. — VRR (USA)

The song sounds super creative. Lot of potential here! Really original. — HMM (Argentina)

Amazing Track. — SR (UK)

Very emotional and empowering. The delivery and lyrics were a nice touch. A good song with a lot of potential. Good Stuff! — 1FM (USA)

Excellent your title bravo! — RSD (France)

Well produced, we like the structure with this very cool intro. — PM (France)

A very interesting, well produced and cool song.
— VP (Brazil)

Vocals are nice and have a quite significant sound, harmonizing very well with the beat and melody. I enjoyed the strong and expressive vibe that’s super remarkable and unique compared to what’s currently out. — AMTV (Germany)

An interesting fusion of electronica and pop.
— A (UK)

Really solid production and mixing.
— PDM (UK)

Bravo for your splendid ‘Always Right’, a title tinged with pop, retro wave and Bjork. I am totally under the spell! Production is excellent! While proposing hot synths, the drums lead the dance with a rhythm more original than dance pop and a perfectly mastered structure. An absolutely brilliant vocal expression! The intention is hyper strong and personal with lyrics tinged with irony. — PS (France)

Article by New fire music for the album House of Zina :

French alternative rock and electronica duo, Dame Zina, is back with a new remix of their hit single, “So What.” The “House of Love Remix” infuses elements of French house and synth-pop into the already eclectic mix of genres for which the band is known.

A Family Affair Dame Zina comprises a father-daughter duo from southern France. Their unique blend of experimental electronic, electronica, and experimental jazz has garnered them a dedicated following since their first album, “Emerald Eyes,” in 2020.

Prolific and Diverse Dame Zina is known for their prolific output, with their second project releasing one single a week, along with a monthly music video, leading up to its second album, “House of Zina,” in March 2023. Their diverse sound, spanning multiple genres, has set them apart in the French music scene.

The Remix The “House of Love Remix” of “So What” takes the original track’s hypnotic beats and layers them with pulsing synth melodies and shimmering pop elements. The result is a track perfect for dancing or getting lost in the music.

A Unique Blend of Genres With their latest remix, Dame Zina proves once again that they’re not afraid to push the boundaries of what’s possible in music. Their unique blend of alternative rock, electronica, and experimental jazz, now infused with French house and synth-pop, sets them apart as one of the most exciting acts in the French music scene.