Witch Circle, Music video by Marine Valeria and Dame Zina. 05/10/2023.

Witch Circle is a song about sisterhood, and the infinite power of women. Through the image of witches, symbolizing the strengh of women, we created a dream like music video, to make you swim into the beauty of femininity.

Out on 05/10/2023, a few weeks before the album Fairytales.

We shot this music video as mostly women, to feel this sisterhood. Shooting it was almost like a spiritual trip into womanhood.

Directed by : Marine Valeria and Dame Zina

Edited by : Dame Zina

Starring : Dame Zina, Christine Degoy, Ambre Fonbonne, Simone Esparbes, Monique Chamboissier, Layna Nolliac, Kobita Sen, Apollon Degoy, Gwénaëlle Cavalier, Manolete Guzman, Isis Degoy, Marine Valeria, Obélya.21, Magali Masson

Styling : Dame Zina

Produced by : Musyc

Backstages by : Victor Bauby

Lyrics :

Wearing plain white 

Wondering at dawn

Mumbling to the full moon

Dancing slowly

Waving at the stars

Whispering mysterious spells

Wishing for alchemy

Singing more sorcery 

Potions and wizardry 

Enchanting lonely dreamers

Free floating spirits

Spectral light apparitions

Scented candles

Eternal prayers

Their light steps on the grass

Shiny mosses

gloomy from the rain

Silent waves of fireflies

Witch circle witch circle

Prayer through the night 

Witch circle witch circle

Fire through the sky