Fairytales, album by Dame Zina. 31/10/2023.

FARMINGTON2023 : wow. a really haunting track. A haunting track that pulls in so many different genres and influences. I also liked the bird song included in the mix..adding a really interesting natural element. The song features some really clever arrangement. With then ethereal vocals and housey-synths blending and intertwining effortlessly A cool track with heaps of potential.

Cold Stone : We love the stunning and rich vocals.

The Joy of Violent Movement : i really dig the production. it’s decidedly 80s goth/80s new wave inspired.

Muséanima : Je viens de me retrouver transporté vers un ailleurs sublime et malicieux, un univers où les sons et les cultures ancestrales s’entrelacent afin de mieux nous submerger. D’une beauté hantée et envoûtante.

Huamangazo : Excellent drum machine, […] I emphasize that the techno-wave rhythms are great. The melody gives it an aura of mystical music.

BlackPlastic.co.uk : a distinctive and memorably dramatic sound with hints of the kind of operatic drama of someone like Bjork. 

Unheard Indie : This is a track that has atmosphere and a fairly unique style as its weapons. I am reminded of Metronomy and M83 with this one. Those that value that overall feel to a song will wear this like a big blanket and love it.

The Melting POP : beaucoup d’audace dans votre chant

KICKDRUM MAGAZIN : Interesting vibe and good high notes. 

Class Of Sounds : “Witch Circle” sounds amazing. I mean, it’s dancing, but most important: dark. And that’s this kind of approach we usually share it. 

Forthright Records : I enjoyed the vibe of the song. The instrumentation and vocals sound really nice. 

Adopte Un Disque : Le gimmick principal a quelque chose d’étrange, inquiétant et obsédant que j’aime bien. La voix semble possédée, ce qui cadre bien avec le titre de la chanson. J’aime assez. 

SETEMUSIC : Wow, this work of yours is incredible, I really liked your sound. The beats are well inserted and with a perfect harmony, I really liked the variations that you inserted. With each work you demonstrate more technique and professionalism. This makes your work even more quality and that you can achieve your goals.

Hi from France! (French below) 

We released Witch Circle already, the first single and music video of our upcoming album, Fairytales.

For this project we keep our electro rock style. We’ve been compared to Portishead’s intimacy, Bjork’s artpop, Rita Mitsouko’s craziness and Kate Bush’s high pitches.

Witch Circle and Fairytales, the album that follows, are about womanhood. We’re exploring music, femininity, freedom, acceptance and a strong desire to let go of daily pressure. Always exploring many different styles, the album has touches of electro, artpop, experimental (we go as far as a fully atonal/dodecaphonic song), slam/spoken words and even ends with a folk song.

We are a daughter/father duo. We do everything together, and we hope to give you a place in our art! We hope you’ll like it and will want to share it with your audience, and we’ll love to have your feedback on the track and the album. Please tell us if you want any additional specific track sent via Groover when the album will be out.

Hey ! Nous avons déjà sorti Witch Circle, le premier single et clip de notre prochain album, Fairytales.

Pour cet album, nous gardons notre style electro rock. Nous avons été comparés à l’intimité de Portishead, à l’artpop de Bjork, à la folie de Rita Mitsouko et aux hauteurs de Kate Bush.

Witch Circle et Fairytales, l’album qui suit, parlent de féminité. Nous explorons la musique, la féminité, la liberté, l’acceptation et un fort désir de relâcher la pression quotidienne. Explorant toujours de nombreux styles différents, l’album a des touches d’électro, d’artpop, d’expérimental (jusqu’à une chanson entièrement atonale/dodécaphonique), de slam/mots parlés et se termine même par une chanson folk.

Nous sommes un duo fille/père. Nous faisons tout ensemble, et nous espérons vous donner une place dans notre art ! Nous espérons que vous l’aimerez et que vous voudrez le partager avec votre public, et nous adorerons avoir vos commentaires sur la piste et l’album. Veuillez nous dire si vous souhaitez qu’un morceau spécifique supplémentaire soit envoyé via Groover lors de la sortie de l’album.







(translated from Portuguese)

” Dame Zina mixes melody and experimentalism in new album, “Fairytales” :

Médéric Degoy and Carla Degoy are father and daughter, together they have made the Dame Zina project work since 2019, when they released the first single “What If”. Since then, their creativity and talent for music have only increased, as they have released over nineteen singles, four EPs and three full albums, including the sensational “Fairytales”, which debuted on streaming platforms recently. With fourteen tracks, this release is a beautiful work that will please people who are fans of Pop Rock and other forays. To remain indifferent to the talent included here is to not like musical quality.

To begin with, the song “ Sirène ” does the honors as if it were an electronic Portuguese Fado. And as valid as that reference is, the song is actually sung in sumptuous French. When the vocalist sings in her mother tongue, flowers seem to bloom and the sea seems to calm down. As you listen, you will see that “Fairytales” is a very versatile album, like “ Witch Circle ” which is a slightly more exciting song. Its tense atmosphere sharpens your senses from the first echoes of the beat that gradually emerges. Likewise, the penetrating voice cuts through the air contributing to the hazy arrangements. It can be said that this performance takes us to the interior of a nightclub with a dark atmosphere, so this is the first highlight of the album.

Maybe people can free themselves from the trance caused by the last song by listening to “ On a Rainbow ”, which is a nice ballad in the best Pop style. The way the singer’s voice is in this song is a bit reminiscent of the melodies of Canadian Alanis Morissette, who for the current generation it is a true inspiration. But OK! Perhaps this cannot be the case with Dame Zina who has already been compared to names like Portishead, Bjork, Rita Mitsouko and even Kate Bush. In other words, only with the best and, why not, with the very talented Alanis? To continue the album, “ Alone ” arrives softly led by a beautiful drum performance, with an electronic atmosphere bordering on futurism. This aura of tension that exists in some of Dame Zina’s songs proves how experienced the duo’s instrumentalist is in this sector. Inserting industrial elements into some performances, and thus resulting in an instigating listen, is a task for few, as many who try to do it deliver a bureaucratic and complex result that is too complex for many ears.

Likewise, incorporating varied vocal techniques into a work also reflects the gift of perfection. Although this perfection is the result of this gift, constant training also makes sense, otherwise songs like “ Palace” would not come out with such a well-fitting melody. For those who reached the sixth song and were already missing the aphrodisiac French language, you can enjoy “ Morphée ”, sung with voice and keyboard. Therefore, “ Fatalités ” will also arrest you for this reason. In this song you understand why they compared her to Kate Bush. But if you were also attracted to the accompaniment, you certainly felt trapped by the pompous kitchen that provides a bed for the voice. After this, “ Golden Dust ” arrives with more vocal melody, and this is the one that highlights the voice the most. Its hazy atmosphere with more shapeless tempos is reminiscent of mystery films, but the vocalist’s velvety sound can work as a cuddling song. The repertoire continues with “ Once Upon a Time ”, which is the longest on the album. With a more raw structure, this song shows how the simple can enchant. But what is also present in this work is the presence of elements that were widely used in the eighties, when New Wave dominated the radio. To exemplify this, “ Dragons and Fairies ” follows this concept to the letter, with its avant-garde magic. This also happens, for example, in “ Missis Sun and Lady Moon ”. The name of the song itself gives us this idea, but the incredibly symmetrical sound reinforces the theory. That captivation that makes us want to spend hours at the gym is in “ Master Goddess ”. Pump up iron or run on the treadmill to the soundtrack of this music, and at the time you won’t even think about how tired you are. There is a unique balance here that leaves us very motivated.

You know that futuristic theme that comes out of the synthesizer? He’s back in “ La Nuit ” and, right away, it also stands out as one of the best songs on the album, even more so with this French dialect which is one of the main differences in Dame Zina’s music, not just because she sings in that language. , but for knowing how to captivate with interpretation. The album ends its tracklist with the inspired “ Lullaby for a Fairy ”, which simply has the ability to warm hearts. For fans and those who will become them, on some streaming platforms the song “ Eau ” is still included on the album, which, like all the others, contributes to the excellence of “Fairytales”. Great work!

To ease your anxiety, you can check out “Fairytales” on Spotify.”

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https://ariyelsblog.com/music-news/f/dame-zina-transcends-boundaries-with-fairytales–a-magical-trip :

” DAME ZINA Transcends Boundaries with ‘Fairytales’ -A Magical Trip :

DAME ZINA, a daughter-father duo, embarks on their third album ‘Fairytales,’ delivering a unique blend of electro rock that resonates with shades of Portishead’s intimacy, Bjork’s artpop, Rita Mitsouko’s vibrant style, and Kate Bush’s enchanting high pitches.

Exploring themes of womanhood, magic, freedom, and acceptance, ‘Fairytales’ stands as an empowering soundscape that yearns to release daily pressures. The album incorporates various styles, ranging from electro, artpop, and experimental sounds (including a fully atonal/dodecaphonic piece) to slam/spoken word and a concluding folk song.

Sirene, the album’s opening track, embodies personal and poetic French art pop, capturing Dame Zina’s inner battle against patriarchy, striving for freedom.

‘Witch Circle,’ the second single, encapsulates the magic of womanhood with an English electro rock theme, focusing on sorority and the collective strength of women.

‘On a Rainbow,’ a reworked single from 2022, illuminates the concept of love through an eclectic mix of colors, emphasizing that love exists in various forms.

Throughout the album, the tracks navigate intimate and insightful narratives, from ‘Morphée,’ delving into the enigmatic nature of love and the power of intimacy, to ‘Master goddess,’ an energizing proclamation of girl power, housed in electro and house influences.

Notably, ‘Fairytales’ blends diverse stories. ‘Once upon a time’ introduces a love tale with a modern twist, while ‘Dragons’ draws inspiration from Zina’s artistic endeavor as a children’s book author, echoing the values of equality through magical creatures.

DAME ZINA’s creative fusion doesn’t shy away from examining inner struggles. ‘Fatalites’ confronts anxiety, urging the fight for life despite its dominance. ‘Golden Dust’ unravels a story of boundless possibilities, urging a belief in oneself to achieve anything.

The album culminates with a soft embrace in ‘Lullaby for a Fairy,’ a gentle, English folk-lullaby weaving tales of elemental fairies, offering a tender conclusion to this multifaceted sonic journey. Click HERE to listen to Fairytales.

‘Fairytales’ is a powerful testament to the duo’s artistry, delivering a musical voyage through womanhood, freedom, and the ethereal realm of magic. Through their diverse sounds, they unravel stories that embrace the beauty of the human experience.”

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https://www.soundsgoodwebzine.com/dame-zina-witch-circle/ :

(translated from Italian)

” Dame Zina – “Witch Circle”

French artists from the south of France, a father and his daughter are the two halves of Dame Zina. Extremely prolific, they started this music project in 2019, releasing singles, then their first album Emerald Eyes in 2020. Their second project began in February 2022, when they began releasing one single a week along with a music video each month.

“Witch Circle” is an ambient ballad characterized by more atmospheric riffs created with synths and sampled sounds. We are faced with a nice concentration of redundant sounds as the main ingredients that manage to bring the listener, faced with a proposal that without giving up deeper insertions keep listening alive without rhythmic excesses. An overall sound full of nuances and details, which affect just enough to drag the listener to a pleasant size and of light but effective impact.

Dame Zina, with this new single, create an atmosphere that exudes positive vibrations confirming the excellent potential in knowing how to propose good ideas, positively surprising the listener. “

Photo : Isabelle Banco

https://illustratemagazine.com/exclusive-interview-with-dame-zina/ :


Fairytales is about womanhood and magic. They are exploring music, femininity, freedom, acceptance and a strong desire to let go of daily pressure. Always exploring many different styles, the album has touches of electro, artpop, experimental (they go as far as a fully atonal/dodecaphonic song), slam/spoken words and even ends with a folk song. Check out the exclusive interview below:

1. Can you tell us a bit about where you come from and how it all got started?

DAME ZINA: We are a family band, I write and sing, and Y, my dad, composes and mixes. Of course we were a family long before a music band, but music always had an important place in our house. Dad had all these CDs, rock and hard rock mostly, and I had a player in my room, I would listen to Metallica, Pantera or Soundgarden… all the time ! I shaped my perception of music with his taste, and even today, having my own tastes, we still agree on a lot, when it comes to music. The Dame Zina project in itself, our band, started because dad was directing a documentary, and he decided to do everything about it himself. He filmed, interviewed, edited, and made the music himself. At some point, he wrote a melody for one of his songs, and asked me to try and sing it, just to see if it was any good (he can NOT sing!). That same week, we recorded something like ten original songs, using the instrumentals he made the previous months, and poems I wrote, that I started to sing. The next year, in 2020, we released our first 16 tracks album ! Since then, we never stopped, continuing to do pretty much everything ourselves, up to the music videos !

2. Did you have any formal training or are you self-taught?

DAME ZINA: We are both a bit of both, academically speaking, I studied at a conservatory for theatre, dance and singing. I took opera, drama, dancing and singing classes as well as writing for 10 years when I was a teenager. I then kept learning these arts in Paris at the conservatory and La Sorbonne. Dad always played instruments, mostly piano when he was a boy, and studied to be a sound engineer at Louis Lumière, a famous cinema school in Paris. We both know our craft, but we learned together, by experimenting, to make it unique and our own.

3. Who were your first and strongest musical influences and why the name ‘DAME ZINA?

DAME ZINA: My first influences were 70-90s rock bands. Pink Floyd, Queen, Metallica, Nirvana, David Bowie… but my name actually references sci-fi. Zina is a character from the book Valis Regained by Philip K. Dick, symbolising sacred femininity. In French, Dame is a word like Lady, which is often associated with medieval myths, witches, fairies, and “Dame Nature”, which is French for “Mother Nature”. Y uses this letter as his name because his music started by asking questions, and he defines himself by his habits of questioning everything all the time. Even reality is a question to him.

4. What do you feel are the key elements in your music that should resonate with listeners, and how would you personally describe your sound?

DAME ZINA: Personnaly, id say the lyrics, because unlike some other artists who write words solely because of how they sound (which is absolutely valid by the way), I need to write things to say something, to change something inside my fans. Of course, the music itself, the sound, the mood, the world we create when we play music is essential, otherwise it wouldn’t be music. I believe the more different your music is from mainstream music, the more it has a power to impact deeply the person who listens. This is why it’s so important for us to keep making unique musique.

5. Do you think is it important for fans of your music to understand the real story and message driving each of your songs, or do you think everyone should be free to interpret your songs in their own personal way?

DAME ZINA: Both. Songs are speaking to the soul and the heart, but also to the brain. I make a point to try to explain my songs to my fans so they can always understand where I’m going. I usually write my songs as metaphors of strong messages, and sometimes they are easier to understand than others, but I always write so I can touch someone somewhere who will understand exactly what I feel.

6. What’s your view on the role and function of music as political, cultural, spiritual, and/or social vehicles – and do you try and affront any of these themes in your work, or are you purely interested in music as an expression of technical artistry, personal narrative, and entertainment?

DAME ZINA: Music is definitely political, “everything is fucking political”, to quote Skunk Anansie. I write songs that aim to have an impact on my listeners. I usually am very implicated in feminism, and LGBT rights. as a lesbian woman, I try to use my voice and my words to fight, and normalise my experience, so that others can be more accepted, or feel less different. I also write about emotions, anxiety as per example, and struggles there as with feelings. I think when we listen to music, we are very vulnerable, and it’s important to help transmit positive messages trough art. I try to make the world a better place, song by song. Of course, music is an art that aims to be beautiful I think, so I always try to combine my messages with nice sounds !

7. What has been the most difficult thing you’ve had to endure in your life or music career so far?

DAME ZINA: For me, i’d say without hesitation my social anxiety. This prevents me from performing my songs on stage. I have acted a lot on stage in my life, even professionally, but singing is another step I have had a hard time to overcome yet. We did a few concerts, but it is really hard for me to sing on stage. I hope one day it will get easier !

8. Could you describe your creative processes? How do usually start, and go about shaping ideas into a completed song? Do you usually start with a tune, a beat, or a narrative in your head? And do you collaborate with others in this process?

DAME ZINA: We usually proceed this way : dad has an inspiration, writes it down, starts a tiny bit of a composition, instruments, a melody, and puts it in a folder. I usually, by myself, write stuff, emotions, ideas that come through my mind regularly. Regularly, I listen to his new songs, and I see what inspires me, or matches with something I wrote already. We work on the instrumentals, creating an evolution in the songs, and deciding where to put lyrics, and I arrange my text to fit right in… And then we record it !

9. On the contrary, what would you consider a successful, proud or significant point in your life or music career so far?

DAME ZINA: I think i’d say our originality ? Im proud that we make a type of music that is unique, I’m proud to be able to truly express myself, being in a totally safe environment when I record with my dad.

10. Creative work in a studio or home environment, or interaction with a live audience? Which of these two options excites you most, and why?

DAME ZINA: Well obviously now, the studio excites me most ! I feel so safe I can fully express myself. I know other people will later listen to me, and it doesn’t scare me because I can be completely vulnerable in the studio. “

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https://www.themusicalroad.net/blog/november2023/dame-zina :

Electronic/Review Dame Zina – Fairytales :

A daughter-father French duo, Dame Zina writes and sings, composes, plays, writes and produces. They write in English and French on what matters to them: feminism, freedom, and emotions. After a first album in 2020, they continued with a wave of pop, rock, and electronica singles and EPs in 2022 and many videos, and a 2nd album of original songs and remixes in 2023.

“Fairytales” by Dame Zina is an eclectic and captivating album that continues to explore the electro-rock style for which the band is known. With comparisons to the intimacy of Portishead, the artpop of Bjork, the craziness of Rita Mitsouko, and the high pitches reminiscent of Kate Bush, Dame Zina presents a unique and multifaceted musical experience.

The thematic focus on womanhood and magic gives “Fairytales” a cohesive narrative, delving into topics such as music, femininity, freedom, acceptance, and the desire to release oneself from the pressures of daily life. The album serves as a musical journey that traverses various styles, incorporating elements of electro, artpop, experimental sounds (including a fully atonal/dodecaphonic song), slam/spoken words, and even concluding with a folk-inspired track.

The versatility showcased throughout the album demonstrates Dame Zina’s willingness to experiment with different genres and styles, creating a rich and dynamic listening experience. The infusion of electro-rock elements adds a modern and edgy touch to the overall sound, while the exploration of atonal and experimental segments adds depth and complexity to the album.

The thematic exploration of womanhood and magic adds an additional layer of depth to “Fairytales,” making it more than just a collection of songs. It becomes a conceptual piece that invites listeners to reflect on the complexities of life and identity.

Dame Zina’s commitment to pushing musical boundaries and embracing a diverse range of influences shines through in “Fairytales.” The album’s ability to seamlessly blend different styles while maintaining a thematic coherence makes it a compelling and rewarding listen for those who appreciate artistic innovation and storytelling through music. “

Dame Zina – La Nuit :

Dame Zina is an enchanting father-daughter duo that unites concept and camaraderie. She likes to write about girl power and he is devoted to soundscaping. Dame Zina has just released their newest album titled ‘Fairytales’. It follows their sophomore album, ‘House of Zina’ which came out earlier this year. Their tracks are non-confirming sonic orbs. Each one is a world that creates and dictates its own rules. And hence, listening to their albums is like journeying through new worlds, discovering unique fusions and experiencing novel music cultures.

Fairytales drives into mystique with ethereal folktronica, experimental frames, and futuristic electronica. Taken from this album is ‘La Nuit’ or ‘Big Day’. To match the theme, the track is developed with drama and designed to foster a sense of preparation, expectation, and purpose. In an atmosphere of melodic techno beats, fuzzy basses, and slicing synths, the vocals are a blend of earthy folk and classical elegance. This contrast is so well reconciled with insightful production and presentation. Listen Now!

Dame Zina are prolific artists and musicians from France. Having debuted in 2019, they have released over ten singles and three albums.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! “

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https://www.tjplnews.com/post/dame-zina-fairytales-album-review :

Dame Zina’s ‘Fairytales’: A Musical Journey Through Enchanted Realms :

Crafting Stories in Sound – An Enchanting Fusion of Modern Synth and Retro Magic

‘Fairytales’ is the mystically grand album from the Father, Daughter musical duo, Dame Zina. The album explores the fantasy worlds of storybook wonders through music. Each song sits in its own space, each song finding its voice in the story of the album. Perhaps one follows a fairy in flight, the wings glittering as the speckled sunspots dance over them. Another explores the dark underbelly of the enchanted wood. All of the songs on their own on this album are smart, well-produced tracks that give off a wave of modern synth mixed with retro stylings. It is only when they are brought together, that you get a sense of the otherworldly.

The album lets us into the blue mists of its fantasy with, ‘Sirène.’ The song’s synthetic strings evoke that other side, the unknown, the new. In this world the instruments take on the same shapes, they work the same sections, but they are bolder, they have a new dimension. The melody is born of this shifting sound, it flows as keys roll underneath, a bass tone begins to bubble, and the vocal is found in the fog. A clear voice, warming and personal, a friend. The Vox grasp the melody, they listen, they tell, they bring us into the fold. The chorus builds to agrand climax and the vocals do well to keep up the gravitas needed to sustain the mental fantasy. Not an easy task by any means.

Now we are in, the songs begin to delve deeper into this new world. ‘Witch Circle,’ is a beating bop that focuses its energy on the rhythm in the kick and its conversation with the synth. The vocals jump and bound between the gaps, filling the dark room with a musky glow. It’s powerful, it makes you move in a visceral way. There’s a bite in the shallows that draws you closer. In the moonlight, the bass calls you on, and you follow with an eager gait. ‘Golden Dust’ pours the fantasy into the album pints at a time. Huge pads fill the sky. The vocals talk, flanked by whispers that send chills up your spine. The power is evident, magical,ethereal. Once the song kicks off from the bleak dark that has been descending on us, it is asif we have awoken into a new day. ‘Once upon a time,’ follows, the beginning, but not at the start no, as we had to learn the way of the land first, feel its energies — know its dangers.

The story continues, and it is just that, a story; a wonderfully constructed tale of dark and light. Characters like, ‘Missis Sun and Lady Moon,’ call out to us with a fantastic track that hooks you tight with that chorus. ‘Master Goddess’ prowls in a dark beat instrumental and barks with discordant harmonies that add layers and layers of flavour to the track. Dame Zinahave created not just an album, but a Fairy Tale in song. The work as a collection follows the cadence of a story, we see the world, we are led down into the depths only to find the light, and recover to greatness. The lyrics are bold, fabulous, and they pair like fine wine with the synthetic instrumental that manages to capture the natural world of the Fairies. ‘Fairytale’ is an exemplary exploration of form, genre, and the testing of thematic boundaries. Well worth the listen. “

(translated from Portuguese)


One of the most thought-provoking artists on the world’s alternative scene, the French based in Paris, DAME ZINA, had great reverberation of public and specialized criticism before the dissemination of her previous works. Her symbiosis of genres of the most disparate, in addition to the impactful scenic presence, form an extremely cohesive and seductive combo. Despite the decanted similarity of great legends such as Portishead, Bjork, Rita Mitsouko and Kate Bush, their sound depletes personality through the pores, denoting a grandiose artistic identity.

And she managed to reach the pinnacle in terms of musical maturity, because her latest album release, “Fairytales”, is an irreproachable set of fourteen absolutely AMAZING tracks! We have no doubt that this is one of the great events in recent times, and that it will easily appear on all possible lists of “Best of 2023” at the end of the year.

The record begins with the powerful “Sirène”, with a melodramatic introduction to the piano that dialogues with the singer’s MAGISTRAL vocals: sumptuous timbres, exasperated feeling in operatic tones, precious doses of emotional suffering and technique at a very high level! These first seconds are a PERFECT IMPACT business card that represents the work of DAME ZINA at the current moment. The entry of synthesizers in profusion makes the scenario grandiloquent at all, leaving for levels of an epic nature!

It is worth mentioning the production of this song, which in fact is a frequent partnership with his father, where the family chemistry is more than right. The minimalist noises and precepts of an ambient nature are highly seductive, and we embark immediately on an unprecedented sensory journey! We move by art-rock, avant gard, experimentalism, synth-pop, trip-hop and electro rock in magnanimous dimensions, such is the diversity emanating from the viscera of singing in the French language that it shakes all possible structures!

“Witch Circle” has an air of totally apocalyptic mystery, with another “cinematographic” show of the synths, expuring a completely gloomy texture in the fateful ensemble with the splendid voice of our singer. As much as we notice a direct nod to the clues, it impresses too much the unpolluted “cerebrality” of the promulgated arrangement, it is really a PRIMOR! Simple beauty and mysterious tones combine in magnanimous proportion in this truly MAGNIFICENT petardo.

The encore “Lullaby for a Fairy” is a ballad that prints medieval mannerisms and focuses on the strength of its narrative to once again reach our senses in an overwhelming way. But enough of highlighting tracks, “Fairytales” is to be immersed in its quintessence completely, because it is simply SENSATIONAL! ”

Photo : Isabelle Banco

https://www.saiidzeidan.com/fairytales-by-dame-zina/ :

Fairytales By DAME ZINA :

If you’re like me and have never listened to Dame Zina yet, you’re in for a great discovery! Their new album “Fairytales” is just magical. It drew me in from the first note.

The album starts with “Sirène”, which sets the mood perfectly. The dreamy French lyrics just wrap around you with a warm feel. It starts so soft and tender, then those intricate beats slowly come in to fill things out. You can hear the father-daughter dynamic shining through in the unique blend of their styles.

Next up is “Witch Circle”, which immediately had me dancing around. The synths on this track are mesmerizing – they just sweep you up and carry you away. And the way the drums lock in with those vocals will give you chills every time. You can picture yourself at some mystical ritual in the woods. It’s cool how they play with that witchy aesthetic throughout without being too on the nose. I was blown away by “Palace,” the production is just exquisite. You can practically see the ornate halls and ballgowns. It almost feels like the soundtrack to some epic period drama.

“Golden Dust” took me to my happy place. Those cascading beats and swirling vocals are like a magic spell. It’s the definition of easy listening – you just glide along effortlessly on the rhythm. There’s so much complexity tucked into what initially sounds simple. You appreciate their subtle mastery of dynamics. Now, “Once Upon A Time.” The storytelling element shone through, like Dame Zina was sharing some enchanting fairy tale just for you. That vocal delivery in the opening is gorgeously intimate. I loved how lush it grew while still keeping that cozy vibe. Their epic “Dragons and Fairies” clocks in at almost 8 minutes, but I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, not wanting it to end! It’s an incredible journey packed with crystal-clear highs and rich lows.

“Master Goddess” brought the party, shimmying in with that funky flair. It’s a refreshing change of pace that shows their range. The playfulness stood out against the ethereal vibe of the other cuts. On “La Nuit” the electronics took me for a ride! It’s like I was ruling the night at some futuristic ball. The energy and textures had me smiling with joy. And finally, the gentle “Lullaby for a Fairy” tied everything together with a sweet bow. It felt like the perfect send off after that cinematic journey.

“Fairytales” is a stunning opus from Dame Zina. I’m blown away by their raw talent and mastery of mood. The production quality is phenomenal throughout. It left me spellbound from start to finish. This daughter-father duo have a magical alchemy that’s one of a kind. I can’t stop listening – it’s a true fairy tale dream for music lovers. Consider me forever charmed!

So if you’re looking for a whimsical escape or some wondrous dream pop to lose yourself in, look no further than Dame Zina’s “Fairytales.” Trust me when I say it’s an unforgettable listen that will stay with you. “

Dame Zina – ‘Fairytales’ :

A captivating, chilled-out pop sound stirs throughout Fairytales, the new album from Paris-based duo Dame Zina. The daughter/father duo of Dame Zina and Y released their first album in 2020, and now wholly enamor with their third album, Fairytales. A thematic focus on “magic and feminism” combines with a memorable stylistic direction, exploring atmospheric trip-hop, dream-pop, and electronica.

“Sirène” commences with a steady momentum, building from gentle pulses of keys into an arp-y synth swiftness. Dame Zina’s vocals escalate accordingly, heightening in pace with captivating momentum. This scene-setter builds into the delectable witch-house eeriness of “Witch Circle,” with its title-touting chorus reminding fondly of The Knife. The duo’s atmospheric chops are on fully display with synthwave-friendly “Palace,” attaining a dream-like quality in its lyrical pursuits and serene soundscape alike.

Fairytales enthralls with its atmospheric pull, from the spoken-word late-night visualizations within “Golden Dust” to the driving electro-pop infectiousness of “La Nuit,” reminiscent of Chromatics. Dame Zina succeed with a consistent vision throughout the release. “

Dame Zina – Fairytales :

Paris, France-based synth pop group Dame Zina present their third album, Fairy Tales. Dame Zina is a a father/daughter electronic pop duo who have been captivating audiences since releasing their debut album, Emerald Eyes, in 2020. Their latest release Fairytales is a dazzling tale of magic and femininity told though hypnotic vocals, gritty synths, and expressive percussion. Drawing from a diverse range of musical influences including avant-garde, electro-pop, and synth-wave, the artists have crafted a collection of cinematic reflections that beautifully capture the essence of womanhood. From the experimental and boundary-pushing elements of avant-garde to the catchy and danceable beats of electro-pop and the atmospheric and dreamlike soundscapes of synth-wave, each track is a unique and evocative expression of the multifaceted experiences and emotions of women. The result is a truly eclectic and captivating musical journey that celebrates the power and complexity of femininity. Dame Zina’s new album Fairytales is a synth-pop masterpiece and the perfect addition to any indie playlist. Learn more about Dame Zina on their official website and listen to Fairytales below. “

Photo : Isabelle Banco

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Dame Zina – La Nuit :

Father-daughter alt-pop duo Dame Zina’s “La Nuit”, is part of their latest album “Fairytales”, which immerses the listeners in a bottomless pool of electronica, synth, and pop sounds. The vocalist’s glass-like vocal tone, simultaneously delicate and malleable, carries a rawness that truthfully conveys the emotions that are being explored in the song. The intricate musical backdrop unveils layers of sounds and meanings, with each attentive listen. The steady pulsing rhythm, enhanced by deep, sharply distorting synth sounds, that rhythmically implodes and explodes, creates an enigmatic inescapable atmosphere for the listener. The song’s mysterious and foreboding air, punctuated by moments of wonder, prompts introspection into neglected corners of the mind. “La Nuit” is a sonic journey, where mystical sounds and truthful vocals intertwine, urging listeners to delve into the depths of concealed emotions and concepts. “


Fairytales Unveiled Dame Zina’s Electro-Rock Alchemy of Magic, Femininity, and Sonic Mastery :

Dame Zina’s third album, “Fairytales,” is a captivating journey through the realms of magic, womanhood, and sonic exploration. Rooted in the electro-rock style that has become their signature, the French daughter/father duo has crafted a collection that intricately weaves together elements of Portishead’s intimacy, Bjork’s artpop, Rita Mitsouko’s boldness, and Kate Bush’s ethereal high pitches. The album delves into themes of feminism, freedom, acceptance, and the desire to break free from daily pressures. “Witch Circle,” the leading single and music video, sets the tone by exploring the symbol of women’s power—witchcraft. It’s a potent initiation into an album that is not just a musical endeavor but a deeply personal and intimate expression of Dame Zina’s inner thoughts and secret garden.

Throughout “Fairytales,” the duo fearlessly explores various styles, from electro and artpop to experimental and spoken word. The album takes an unexpected turn with a fully atonal/dodecaphonic song, showcasing their willingness to push boundaries. The tracklist reads like a magical incantation, with each song offering a unique spell. From the poetic opener addressing Dame Zina’s inner fight for freedom to the powerful “Dragons and Fairies,” inspired by her children’s books promoting equality through magical creatures, each composition is a chapter in a spellbinding narrative.

Dame Zina and Y, the artistic minds behind the project, blend English and French seamlessly, adding to the album’s enchanting diversity. The versatility is evident in tracks like “Missis Sun and Lady Moon,” where they imagine the romance between the sun and moon as lesbian lovers. The album’s finale, “Lullaby for a Fairy,” brings a soft touch, serving as a gentle conclusion to the enchanting journey. As “Fairytales” unfolds, Dame Zina’s storytelling prowess shines, creating not just an album but a tapestry of emotions, experiences, and musical innovation. It’s an invitation to step into their world, embrace the magic, and embark on a sonic journey that transcends genres and conventions. “Fairytales” is a testament to the duo’s artistic depth, an intricate dance between fantasy and reality that leaves an indelible mark on the listener’s soul. “

Dame Zina – Fairytales :

The French synthpop duo Dame Zina consists of a father and daughter who are great in their creative collaboration. Their new album ‘Fairytales’ was released on October 31 and consists of 14 tracks. 

The meaningful loading of the musical compositions of this record pursues one goal, to touch the deepest human feelings and experiences. The avant-garde attitude to the structuring of musical forms and variations in the performance of this exciting music is the main and determining factor.  

The experimental essence of alternative pop invites us to touch ourselves with the true art of singing, not burdened by the pursuit of fashionable motifs and classic pop gloss. Album ‘Fairytales’ by Dame Zina is completely new music that shines in the darkness of sad and thoughtful themes. The electronic vibes are interesting and original, they introduce us to a special trance through which we catch every word and every vocal phrase like a breath of fresh air. “


” ‘Fairytales’ By Dame Zina: A Sonic Journey Through Magic, Femininity, And Freedom :

Dame Zina, a captivating daughter/father French duo hailing from Paris, unveils their latest musical endeavor, the enchanting album titled “Fairytales.” With a unique blend of pop, rock, and electronica, Dame Zina delves into themes of womanhood, magic, feminism, and freedom. Following their debut album in 2020, the duo continued to make waves with singles and EPs in 2022, leading to the much-anticipated release of “Fairytales” on October 31st, 2023. This album is not merely a collection of songs; it’s an intimate exploration of Dame Zina’s inner thoughts and secret garden, expressing a strong desire to break free from daily pressures.

Fairytales” invites listeners on a mesmerizing journey through diverse musical landscapes. Dame Zina, with the daughter handling writing and vocals while the father takes charge of composition and production, delivers a profound exploration of music, femininity, freedom, and acceptance. The album transcends genres, incorporating electro, art pop, experimental elements, spoken word, and even a captivating folk song to conclude the auditory adventure.

The distinct vocal delivery and instrumental intricacies of each track stand as a testament to Dame Zina’s artistic prowess. From the ethereal to the experimental, each composition unveils a narrative that resonates with the themes of the album. The album’s strength lies not only in its lyrical content but also in its meticulous attention to instrumental detail and production. Each track is a standalone masterpiece, with mind-blowing instrumental arrangements that complement Dame Zina’s evocative vocals. The collaboration between writing, singing, composing, and producing creates a harmonious synergy that elevates “Fairytales” to a level of artistry deserving of high praise.

The opening track of “Fairytales,” titled “Sirène,” serves as a poignant and personal introduction to the album’s thematic exploration. Dame Zina lays bare her inner struggles and the quest for freedom from patriarchal constraints in a poetic manner. The song unfolds with a deliberate and slow melodic rhythm that immediately envelops listeners, setting the tone for the emotional journey that lies ahead. The vocal delivery, reminiscent of opera, adds a layer of intensity, while the seamlessly interwoven instrumentals create a captivating synergy, enhancing the emotional impact of the track.
While “Sirène” presents its lyrical narrative in French, the language barrier does not diminish its resonance. The emotive power of the song transcends linguistic boundaries, allowing listeners to connect with Dame Zina’s innermost thoughts and struggles. The deliberate choice of an operatic vocal style adds a timeless quality to the track, underscoring the depth of emotion conveyed. “Sirène” stands as a testament to the duo’s ability to blend personal storytelling with musical artistry, creating a powerful and evocative opening to the “Fairytales” album.
In essence, “Sirène” is more than a song; it’s a musical voyage into Dame Zina’s introspective world, where the fight for freedom takes center stage. The slow, melodic embrace and operatic vocal delivery make it a compelling and unforgettable entry point to an album that promises to unravel layers of femininity, emotion, and the quest for liberation.

, a resonant track nestled within the “Fairytales” album, unfolds as a poignant ode to the necessity of solitude. Dame Zina delves into the profound need for personal time to gain clarity about the world, vehemently expressing that anyone encroaching upon this private sanctuary shall face damnation. The thematic depth of the song is accentuated by a captivating and alluring rhythm, a testament to the meticulous artistry within the instrumental composition.
The instrumentals in “Alone” stand out as a work of art in their own right, serving as the pulsating heartbeat that underlines the emotional intensity of the track. The mind-blowing rhythm created by these instrumentals forms the soul of the song, enveloping listeners in a mesmerizing sonic experience. Yet, it’s not just the instrumental prowess that shines; the vocals, delivered in an intriguing and engaging manner, add another layer of brilliance to the composition. Dame Zina’s ability to seamlessly intertwine compelling vocals with exceptional instrumentals elevates “Alone” to a level of sonic mastery.
In “Alone,” the duo skillfully navigates the delicate balance between instrumental and vocal elements, creating a harmonious synergy that defines the track’s identity. The narrative unfolds as a declaration of the importance of personal space, underscored by an immersive musical landscape. “Alone” stands as a testament to Dame Zina’s ability to craft songs that not only resonate thematically but also offer a mesmerizing auditory journey through the fusion of soul-stirring vocals and intricate instrumentals.

 a captivating gem within the “Fairytales” album, unravels the enigma of love while celebrating the profound freedom that intimacy bestows. In a lyrical exploration presented in French, Dame Zina weaves a tale that transcends linguistic barriers, captivating listeners with the universal allure of love’s mystery. The emotive vocals, delivered with a poignant sincerity, serve as the vessel for the exploration of profound emotions that resonate deeply, regardless of one’s familiarity with the French language.
The delicate instrumentals in “Morphée” create a sonorous tapestry that enhances the emotional depth of the song. As the lyrics unfold in a language that may be unfamiliar to some, the instrumentals bridge the gap, offering a melodic embrace that speaks directly to the soul. The nuanced arrangement, coupled with the emotive vocals, transforms “Morphée” into a transcendent experience, where the magic of love becomes a language understood by the heart.
In the realm of “Morphée,” Dame Zina showcases their ability to craft a song that goes beyond linguistic boundaries. The track stands as a testament to the duo’s commitment to delivering a musical experience that resonates universally. Through emotive vocals and delicate instrumentals, “Morphée” becomes a sonic journey, inviting listeners to explore the intricacies of love’s mystery and the transformative power of intimate connection.

Golden Dust:
“Golden Dust” 
emerges as a captivating narrative woven into musical threads, conveying the powerful message that anything is attainable if we resist self-imposed limitations. This track takes a distinctive turn by opening with the compelling voice of a lady serving as a narrator, immediately establishing an atmospheric and intriguing tone. The addition of a unique background sound contributes to an eerie ambiance, setting “Golden Dust” apart with a sense of mystery and anticipation.
As the song unfolds, it seamlessly transitions between the narrator’s voice and singing vocals, creating an indescribable and immersive listening experience. The dynamic shifts between storytelling elements and emotive singing contribute to the song’s uniqueness and captivate the audience’s attention. The instrumentals, intentionally kept simple and delicate, harmonize with the overall composition, enhancing the storytelling aspect without overshadowing the narrative’s essence.
Golden Dust” stands out within the “Fairytales” album as a testament to Dame Zina’s ability to craft a musical journey that transcends traditional boundaries. The combination of a captivating narrative, haunting background elements, and thoughtful instrumentals culminates in a track that invites listeners to embrace the limitless possibilities depicted in the story set to music. In this enchanting tale, “Golden Dust” becomes a sonic exploration of the boundless potential that lies within our beliefs and the magic that unfolds when we challenge self-imposed limitations.

In addition, Dame Zina’s bilingual approach is evident in their songwriting, with the duo crafting their music in both English and French. This linguistic duality extends to “Fairytales”, making it a bilingual masterpiece that transcends language barriers. The emotive power of the album remains undiminished, allowing listeners to connect with Dame Zina’s innermost thoughts and struggles, regardless of the language in which they are sung.

In conclusion, “Fairytales” by Dame Zina is a captivating musical odyssey that invites listeners to immerse themselves in the magic of womanhood, freedom, and emotion. This album is a testament to the duo’s evolution as artists and their commitment to delivering a rich and diverse musical experience. For those seeking an exploration of sound that transcends conventional boundaries, “Fairytales” is a must-listen. Dive into the world of Dame Zina and let the enchantment of their music captivate your senses. “

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” DAME ZINA – Fairytales :

In the same way that a rose, which attracts us and seduces us with its intoxicating scent, can prove to be dangerous and deadly, so a woman is able to embody the opposite feelings of hatred and love. It is said that in every woman resides a princess, an angel and a demon. It is the way we approach them that will determine which of these personalities will wake up in her. This aspect of the woman, capable of being a fairy or a witch, has always inspired writers and artists of all kinds who have tried to represent this fascinating and dangerous dualism with their works.

The opening words of this article are inspired by the latest album of the music project Dame Zina entitled Fairytales. In this magnificent work composed of fourteen pieces, the artistic duo father / daughter gives us a work marked by magic and feminism: between witchcraft, in symbolic opposition to patriarchy, to the innate maternal instinct explored through incredible pindaric flights that embody the expression of love in all its forms.

The album is a poetic fusion of dreams and emotions expressed with the seductive language of electronic music and synth-pop.

Fairyales opens up on the emotionally dramatic suggestions of Sirène who tells us about the desire for freedom from a society dominated by an oppressive and antiquated patriarchy. The romantic opening tones lead us to Witch Circle, one of the focus points on the album. In this track, in which the themes of sisterhood and magic are addressed, we are immersed in a hypnotic dimension in which layers of synth draw visceral and arcane melodies that refer to the obsessive pulsating that accompanied pagan rituals. An excellent track that lays the foundation for the continuation of the record.

Love comes to dilute the tension with On A Rainbow presenting itself as a ant to the many colors of love. With Alone we return to dark and mysterious tones influenced by dark electronics from the 80s. An eccentric vocal rehearsal fascinates us in Palace where the singer takes us with fantasy to a mysterious place where anything is possible. The sound of the piece is dominated by light, pinched rhythms and glassy, brilliant synths.

The romantic Morphée tells us about love and magic with an accompaniment that winks at a narrative that recalls medieval storytellers. Fatalité has an ambiguous sound that moves between nervousness and relaxation while with Golden Dust we are brought back into a vibrant and minimal dimension in which horror-inspired elements resonate that color the environment in an disturbing way.

Once Upon A Time presents itself as a fairy tale set in space where a princess imprisoned in a tower is freed by a girl. The sound of the piece is very original, a perfect mixture of electronics and zigana music that emphasizes the original setting of the story.

Dragons And Fairies presents a suspended dimension characterized by a psychedelic and dark vein. Missis Sun And Lady Moon has more vibrant, more vibrant tones to tell of a sapphic love in which we are amazed once again by Dame’s vocal performance. With Master Goddess we make a foray into EDM with an engaging rhythm that tells us about Girl Power.

La Nuit is another song that deserves a special mention. In line with the title of the song, the sound of the piece is inspired by nocturnal sounds in which harmoniously intertwine obsessive rhythms and seductive melodies that envelop us sinuously like the images of a wonderful dream in which everything we desire comes true.

The album closes on the notes of Lullaby For A Fairy. In this passage the narrative is more relaxed and airy. The piano passionately accompanies the voice that offers us a passionate and romantic interpretation. Like an adventurous lullaby cradle that cradles the well-deserved sleep of a heroine who fought and won her battles, the notes of the song displace the listener who can reflect on what is told in this extraordinary collection of songs. “

” DAME ZINA – “Fairytales”

Dame Zina brings us her latest project“Fairytales”, her 3rd album that delves deep into the realms of electro-rock while drawing comparisons to influential artists like Portishead, Bjork, and Kate Bush. This musical journey encapsulates the essence of womanhood and magic, exploring themes of femininity, freedom, and liberation from daily pressures. The album showcases a varied and diverse sound, intertwining electro, artpop, experimental, and slam/spoken word elements. What sets Dame Zina apart is the unique collaboration between a daughter and father duo, inviting listeners into their world of creativity and getting them hooked on their incredible sound! “

Découvrez l’album original de Dame Zina qui s’intitule « Fairytales »

Lorsque des membres d’une famille s’associent pour former un groupe, alors le rendu est toujours excellent et c’est le cas avec le duo père-fille Dame Zina. En 2020, ils ont sorti leur premier album, puis deux ans plus tard ils en ont livré un de plus, et pour clôturer en toute beauté l’année 2023, ils nous ont dévoilé leur troisième album constitué de 14 titres. 

Les compositions de cet album sont des pistes consacrées au féminisme et l’écoute des morceaux tels que « Witch Circle » nous font aussitôt comprendre que Dame Zina place la femme au centre de son album. Le rythme accéléré dans le titre « la nuit » nous rappelle que l’approche de l’obscurité cède place à nos fantasmes, nos rêves et même nos peurs. Avec des pistes interprétées en langues anglaises comme « Alone », on découvre de nouveaux sons qui nous font apprécier et accepter les caprices de la femme. 

Dans ce morceau, la chanteuse exprime le désir de cette dernière à vouloir explorer le monde et que personne n’interfère avec son rêve. Que ça soit avec les singles « Fatalités » ou même encore « Palace », Dame Zina nous fait profiter d’un voyage musical dans lequel on découvre des paysages sonores exceptionnels.  

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Unveiling the Enchanting World of Dame Zina’s “Fairytales”

Dame Zina’s “Fairytales” unfolds like a magical storybook, housing 14 captivating tracks that take you on an extraordinary journey. From the enchanting opening of “Sirène” to the tender farewell of “Lullaby for a Fairy,” every moment is a testament to the duo’s artistry.

As I immersed myself in the album, Dame Zina’s vocals cast a spell of purity and tranquility. There’s a genuine love for music that resonates in every note, making the listening experience truly soulful. Dame Zina, a daughter/father duo, crafts lyrics in both English and French, delving into themes of feminism, freedom, and emotions. Their electro-rock style has drawn comparisons to the intimacy of Portishead, the artpop allure of Bjork, the eccentricity of Rita Mitsouko, and the vocal heights of Kate Bush.

“Fairytales” is a sonic exploration of womanhood and magic, weaving through genres like electro, artpop, experimental, spoken words, and even folk. It’s an invitation to escape daily pressures and find solace in their art.While acknowledging all the tracks as gems, personally as a fan of soulful songs, “Lullaby for a Fairy” deserves a special mention. This closing piece delicately concludes the musical journey with a touch of sweetness, leaving a lasting impression on the listener. “

Dame Zina Weaves Electronic Pop With Folklore In Their Enchanting ‘Fairytales’ :

Father Daughter, or Dame Zina, in short, is an enticing electronic pop group.

Their initial debut album, “Emerald Eyes,” dates back to 2020, and they now have a good fan base. They create a sonic space that engages themes of music, womanhood, liberty and acceptance.

This is a fourteen-track album, trying to unwrap Dame Zina’s dreams and words. It is an album talking about the wish to go away from everyday life and find a magical world.

‘Fairytales’, a collection of electro-pop, avant-garde sounds, and even more eclectic styles of music, is taken in by it. This includes a spoken word (slam or spoken word) and culminates with the finale of all these being a folk song.

This album revolves around magical elements as its core theme. Additionally, its video and second single are “Witch Circle,” which symbolizes women’s empowerment.

The album has all genres of songs, ranging from light-hearted to heavy metal and rock tracks. The songs carry stories that deal with several of the central ideas in the album and demand much more than one-dimensional listening.

Among these ‘Fairytales’ is one that is truly special by mixing acoustics with electronic ones. Fusion is not only modernist, but it is timeless and gives a contemporary interpretation of olden-day musical traditions.

An album about women called ‘Fairytales’ by Diana Zina gives you a chance to explore your own imagination in its magical world. This is a magical, amazing statement of their creative growth that one can see through listening. This is their third album; they take you on a trip through their music. “

” French Duo Dame Zina Share Eclectic Album ‘Fairytales’ :

Elegance and eclecticism: all qualities you’ll find in Dame Zina’s latest effort, ‘Fairytales’. A stunning, balanced and highly evocative record, the album takes the listeners into the luscious and evocative world of the French daughter/father duo, while getting inspired by their soothing soundscapes, edgy grooves and quirky avant-garde stylings. Crowning it all, Dame Zina’s majestic and cathartic vocals, delivered with charisma and intensity. 

When delving into ‘Fairytales’, the keen music lover is bound to connect with a variety of quirky and edgy material. Take ‘Alone’, for instance; built over long soundscapes and arpeggiated synthetisers, the track is incredibly spiritual and pompous, even complex, with glitchy drum machines and organic percussions all dancing together into an intricate tapestry of rhythms. 

Fast forward to ‘Fatalités’, and the listeners will enter a steadier world of trip-hop stylings and pop melodies, declined through the avant-garde and experimental lenses of Dame Zina. Speaking about the lyrical inspiration behind the album, they explain: “‘Fairytales’ is about womanhood and magic. We’re exploring music, femininity, freedom, acceptance and a strong desire to let go of daily pressure.”

https://www.apollosharp.in/blog/dame-zine-present-experimental-folktronica-with-latest-fairytales :

” Dame Zine Present Experimental Folktronica with Latest ‘Fairytales’ :

Dame Zina is the musical banner of a French singer-songwriter and actress. All her releases are swept up in theatrical portrayals of the theme. It is amazing how with her vocals, she is able to manipulate the energy and emotional flows within each soundscape. The artist, in collaboration with her father, has just released her third album, ‘Fairytales’. 

The fourteen track collection blends classical folk with contemporary electronica and neo-classicals to transport you worlds of human mystique and magic. Across the album, you can also see influences of electro-rock (Emerald Eyes) and dance pop (House or Zina) from their previously released albums. But, for the most part, this collection is a whirl of delightful experimentation and fairy folklore. Listen Now! 

1. Fairytales is such a unique album. Each track forks into nuanced conceptual and emotional spheres. The imagination is powered by experiment and emotion. What sparked the creation of this collection?

We made several music project together before, each with a different direction, for example, house of Zina our previous album was about our songs that make people dance. This one is about magic and just like old tales, the power of myths and fairytales to express important subjects about our life : emotions, struggles, love… I believe in magic and it’s power on our « real » daily world. I want to cultivate it!!

‘Witch Circle’ was one of the earliest features from the album. With its dark throes of melody and melodrama, it is touched by experimental vocal and background accents. In a space of conventional evocation, the artist introduces gritty synths and rippling melodies. And soon, the vocals start taking cues. Tracks like ‘Alone’, ‘Fatalités’, and ‘Once upon a time’ are crafted with a similar design. Alongside Zina’s vocal versatility, her father’s ability to transform its essential projections are prolific. 

‘On a Rainbow’, ‘Lullaby for a fairy’ and ‘Morphée’ are vocal centric stages that are vested with worlds of their own. Zina’s angelic French narratives are burnished by beautiful scenes of mellow synths. ‘Dragons and Fairies’ is an interesting track. There’s so much concept, sophistication and folklore. Set in a hyperactive maze of drum and bass, it indicates to the alien, yet magical presence of dragons and fairies. 

2. There’s a lot of styles and genres that you reference across the album. How would you two describe your styles, both individually and collectively?

We usually refer to our style as « synth pop », it’s the same style as Bjork of Kate bush. We also often use « rock » and « electro », given that we make most of our music with a computer! Mixing genres is what we love, music is an art and we hate having to fit in a box!

3. Y’all have been officially releasing music for over four years now? And as dad and daughter, you have found a unique and special frequency. How did the whole thing get started?

Funny thing : we never thought we’d make music together before. I sang my whole life, acted on stage regularly and even have a jazz band when I was 17, and my dad always made music, from piano when he was a boy to sound engineering at the prestigious cinema school Louis Lumiere. Our duo started randomly, as he was making his own documentary about reality and decided to make the music for it himself. He asked me to try to sing on one of his instrumentals and it worked so well we recorded about ten songs that week, in 2019. We used the instrumentals he had made and poems I had written, that we transformed into songs!

Across the album, the listener can’t help but notice the novelty rhythms and beat cycles used to elevate the theme. It especially shines in tracks like ‘Master Goddess’ and ‘La Nuit’. It presents so intuitively that it almost seems like an ad hoc reaction to the melodic flow. It points towards the instinctive imagination and creativity of the producer.

4. What role do you think experimentation and exploration play in your compositions?

It’s all of it!! We are always experimenting, it’s the most important things when it comes to art and creation I believe.

5. What are some of the values that you absorbed from each other that make you better musicians and artists?

My dad is a real explorer of boundaries, I feel safe singing with him, and he encourages me to always try new things! I think he got morals from me, that’s what a lot of my songs are about : feminism, gay rights…

6. What can we look forward to in the future from Dame Zina?

We are currently working on a single which will be a bonus track for our album Fairytales : Eau, to be released January 19th with a music video!

The artists present the ancient and mythic secrets of the woods with a contemporary spin. With experimental techniques and interpretations, these tracks are conceived and composed with a unique vision. “

” Jam session tonight with the duo Dame Zina presenting the album Fairytale :

From the heart of Paris, we have a band Dame Zina a father – daughter musical duo which is very unique and comes with a refreshing approach. These compositions are not mere songs but rather the soulful expressions of Dame Zina, offering an intimate journey into her inner thoughts and concealed sanctuary.

Harmonizing Hearts: The Musical Journey of Dame Zina, the Parisian Father-Daughter Duo

Dame Zina’s “Fairytales” intricately weaves enchanting melodies and contemplative lyricism, highlighting her vocal prowess with soulful and emotive performances that immerse the listener in a world of storytelling.

Exploring themes of love, resilience, and self-discovery, the lyrics of “Fairytales” paint a poetic narrative that resonates with universal experiences, adding relatability and depth to the song. The fusion of acoustic and electronic elements enhances the folk-inspired foundation, providing a modern edge to a sound that effortlessly bridges the timeless with the contemporary. “


(translated from Portuguese)


Dame Zina is the powerful duo formed by father and daughter, both full of talent and ready to show the world what is the Synthpop of quality and full of expressiveness.

Fairytales is the name of the new work album of the geniuses of Eletropop and Synthpop Dame Zina, full of attitude and personality deliver everything in 14 songs if a lot of authenticity.

Sirène is the name of the first song of this incredible album, we soon realize the power of female vocals, the true female empowerment in the music world, brilliant Synthpop with femininity, only Dame Zina can bring this to the world.

Witch Circle is the second song on the album, contagious electropop, which takes us out of the chaotic routine and makes us travel on each beat, exciting music, which takes our mind to another universe, frantic beats that combine with the vocals, extremely well elaborated music.

On a Rainbow is the third track, a song full of sensitivity, honest and expressive, we feel represented by this beautiful song, strong, impactful, of the type that conquers us, unique rhythm added to the lyrics that conquers us

Alone is the fourth song, a track with diverse sounds showing the power of composition of Dame Zina, synthesizers giving show in this track, music that has mystery and brings a dark, retrofuturistic atmosphere to the album, impressive, phenomenal instrumental. It brings the feeling of the agony of being alone.

Palace is the fifth song a track made to pay attention to every detail and to let it take us out of reality, a song to float, give yourself mind and body to this song and you will live a fantastic musical experience.

Without more spoilers you need to know the rest of the album, an album filled with Girl power, Synthesizers and a lot of energy, an authentic work, honest and full of personality. “


I always say music comes in different forms, from different people with different languages that has no boundaries. Good music indeed can be enjoyed irrespective of a any language barrier. Well well today I give you a very classic duo, a father and daughter takes their talent and creativity to different level by exploring different genres and styles. I present to you, Dame Zina who releases their third album dubbed “Fairytales.” An album that goes hard and speaks about women, magic, self discovery and Liberty. This is an art show of music you shouldn’t miss.

“Fairytales” comes with different styles and genres from electro and artpop to experimental and spoken words, the album carries something you’ve never heard nor experienced before hahaha. See don’t miss this album for anything. It’s pure arts and magical, the best album out there right now. The album comes in with both french and English songs, which adds extra dynamics to their embodiment of work, giving listeners an experience like no other. Now let’s take a stroll through the album with some of the tracks;

The album kicks off with “Witch Circle,” a song that comes with a video that empowers women. In this song Dame Zina powerfully talks about the emotions, feminism, and freedom. The song sets the mood for the rest of the album, it oozes energy that’s comes with those electronic vibes, paying homage to the bands true nature throughout the album.

“On a Rainbow”. This is a very personal and powerful song to Dame Zina. A song that talks about discovering yourself and finding your freedom from society standards. The lyrics talks about standing still on a rainbow, and having the freedom to do whatever you want without being judged. This is a very relatable song and a sing along. It really sets the album on fire with its powerful tones commanding self respect. A solid track that pushes you to enjoy the whole album.

“Alone”. A personal favorite, a song that speaks with raw honesty about setting limits when you need space. It’s a classy song that sends a clear message of not wanting to be disturbed at all, yes you need your space and time for yourself in the dark where you feel alive a lot. It’s a song you shouldn’t miss, the lyrics ,the vocals and the delivery is a solid 10/10. The feeling of finding comfort in your own yourself.

Next is “La Nuit”. The night is always a place that offers the best opportunity to explore your dreams, the same night also comes with fears and the same night also brings fantasies that we wanna experience. This song La Nuit offers a melodic atmosphere that actualize all of these and that’s what the song speaks. Trust me the delivery and beats make it perfect tune to enjoy.

Lullaby for a Fairy; a magical song which beautifully puts the album to bed talks about a beautiful story about fairies. The lyrics talks about how the fairy built it home in the artists hair. As the song goes on you’d realize the fairy felt safe and peacefully rested on the singer’s laps where her dreams became the light to the hearts around. It’s beautiful story crafted on some amazing beats that puts the listener in a calm and peaceful mood to sign off the album.”The fairy’s tiny voice resonates in dreams, creating a magical ambiance. The narrative takes a captivating turn as the fire fairy discovers herself amidst ring flames, sparking a love that dances within her heart. “Lullaby for a Fairy” beautifully captures the essence of a fantastical world, where the smallest details become sources of wonder and delight.

“Fairytales” isn’t just like any album out there, this is an album cooked with best of ingredients, spiced up and served hot for listeners to enjoy, so go ahead and give Fairytales a listen and experience the magic that comes with this album. Every song on the album is a solid piece and a must listen to capture the essence of the album. “

” DAME ZINA – Fairytales :
If you find yourself yearning for a fusion of alternative pop, electronic rhythms, and the nostalgia of the 80s vibes, then you must lend your ears to the musical prowess of France’s, Paris-based artist, Dame Zina. Embracing the Avant-Garde Electronic scene much like the celebrated Bjork, her album “Fairytales” takes you on a synesthetic journey of synth-pop and synth-wave magic. “Her sound is a bold reimagining of contemporary pop; it’s as if she’s dipped each note in a vat of quirky, vivid colours”, is how a renowned music critic had once described her work.

In addition to her unique soundscape, the album excels in its ability to spotlight her strong female vocals. Resonating similar undertones as Grimes, Dame Zina’s voice brings forth an energy that’s steeped in the contemporary, yet colored by the shimmery palette of Avant-Garde. Transforming every beat into a cinematic experience, her ground-breaking music surely merits a spot on your playlists.

So, why not leap? Surround yourself with the epic echoes of her distinct music. Follow Dame Zina’s journey into the universe of art-pop and synth-pop. Immerse in her Dark-Pop beats, check her website, give her a follow on Spotify, and while you’re at it, why not tap like and listen to our playlist? “


(translated from Spanish)

” DAME ZINA – Fairytales :

In case you still do not have the opportunity to listen to the album “Fairytales” then now is the time for you to enjoy what they offer you, to understand a little of this new musical vision we can tell you that between beautiful melodies and serene emotions they introduce us into a world of “magic and feminism”, where noble liberating ideas and strong emotions that will inspire their audience will abound, it should be noted that most of the compositions try to maintain a peaceful field with positive vibes and mysterious atmospheres that become a whole sound expedition of abundant sentimental discoveries.

“DAME ZINA” is a duo that delivers compositions that are liked and satisfied by all the public, since the world they offer moves away from what you could be used to, between synthesized instrumentals, touches of electro and artpop they manage to mix a style that experiments with sensations, their sensory fields become something moving and in other cases they release a cathartic experience with their different settings, we could classify it as something creative that makes the imagination fly, with their rhythmic illusions they do something heavenly and tenuous, such as the song “Once upon a time”, in which a typical and ordinary idea has been transformed into something extraordinary, leaving us one of our favorite songs in this album.

To measure a little on the premise of “Once upon a time” it can be summarized that this conventional love story of a princess locked in the tower waiting for a knight becomes a mind-blowing story in space without a knight or tower, but the female strength is the help that will allow her to really be free, at first I did not understand why this record project had cinematic airs, once I have heard the musicality that lies in this theme I understood that the environment is transformed into a soundtrack that enlivens the narrative that they tell us, being an auditory delight.

Exploring a little more of this strange dimension we will come across works such as “Palace”, lyrically it takes us to “a place where everything is possible”, the instrumental is experimental and leaves us various emotions of electro, being an invention that seems a special fable to stimulate the mind.

While in “Sirène” the melody becomes something more ordinary, strongly impacting our perspective since it seeks to capture an approach of freedom before patriarchy, while delicate chords lull us in avant-garde ideas.

Arriving at “Dragons and fairies” we will see another ingenious fantasy ending with realistic inspiration, yearning for equality and describing it in a magical landscape, encompassing them in an eccentric and unique letter, with a disturbing rhythm that is really vigorous and encouraging.

All that has shown us that meaningful ideas can be exposed with a dreamy facade, with fantastic stories that give it originality, so we believe that this duo is perfect for the contemporary music industry, so listen to the full album and tell us what you think of this great creation. “

« Dame Zina – Fairytales Album Review :

«  Dame Zina are an incredible father-daughter duo who are making some brilliant music in their garage. The duo released their first ever album back in 2020 and since then they have not stopped creating amazing music.

Today we are looking at their newest album, “Fairytales” and there is no denying it is amazing. Consisting of fourteen different, brilliant tracks, you will find yourself hooked!

Kicking off the album, we have “Sirène”. This is quite a mellow, soft track that is just WOW! The vocal talent in this one is just insane. The vocalists can reach some exceptional notes and they are undoubtedly amazing. 

One track that really caught my eyes was, “Witch Circle”. This one is quite an upbeat, dance tune and I love it. You will find yourself grooving along to the music and this is certainly one for a party. 

“La Nuit” is another fantastic track, and this one has got to be my personal favourite. Lasting over five minutes long, you will find yourself playing this one on repeat. Being quite a buoyant tune, it is very enjoyable. And as always, the music, and the vocals are just insane!

The album the ends on, “Lullaby For A Fairy” and it is certainly an awesome way to end the album. Beginning quite softly, we get to hear the daughter’s immense vocal talent. The song picks up a little throughout the track, however it will just leave you waning more!

“Fairytales” is available for streaming on Spotify now, so be sure to head over there and give this incredible album a little listen to. »

« Dame Zina’s “Fairytales” Unveils a Magical Tapestry of Sound and Feminist Storytelling :

The third album by the French daughter-father duo Dame Zina, titled “Fairytales,” was released on October 31, revealing their wonderful space of music and emotions. This magnetizing musical journey covers the dark side of feminism, freedom, and raw emotion. It is a blend of pop, rock, electronica, and more. With Dame Zina at the forefront as producer, composer, songwriter, and singer, the album displays the duo’s dedication to pushing creative horizons and experimenting with a wide variety of musical genres.

With “Sirène,” Dame Zina opens the album in an affecting way. This French art-pop song has lyrical poetry and a profound sense of reflection. With a voice that properly handles the emotional details, Zina offers a close-up view of her inner battles and her search for independence from patriarchal chains. The delicate production makes it possible for the melodies to blend perfectly. The song’s arrangement is simple and harmonious, yet it has a powerful emotional impact due to its stirring lyrics and immersing melodies.

The lead single from the album, “Witch Circle,” comes next. This song, which was released as a single with a music video, honors the wonder of being a woman. It’s an English-language electro-rock hit that starts with head-bopping beats and explores sisterhood and the mystical power of womanhood in an engaging way. Zina’s voice soars above electrifying instrumentals, resulting in an attractive soundscape that holds our attention throughout. This song exhibits musical flexibility and excellent songwriting, as its enticing nature draws us in with an exquisite and notable production.

On a Rainbow” is an interesting entry into the electro-rock genre. Originally released in 2022, Dame Zina says this song still maintains its vibrant energy. And lyrically, it’s a song that contemplates the diverse quality of love. Also, Zina’s passionate vocals and unique, self-assured performance are a major highlight. They perfectly capture the lyrics’ vulnerability, and the electro-rock arrangement gives the story an addictive rhythm.

Moving on to “Alone,” which is the album’s fourth track, Dame Zina preaches the need for personal space and offers a message of reflection and isolation. The vibrating synth-wave background perfectly enhances Zina’s warm and lovely voice, adding to the song’s sensitive quality. It’s an incredible listening experience that will leave everyone wanting more because of the unique mix of gloomy synthesizers, emotive vocals, and catchy melodies.

With a distinct vibe, the fifth song, “Palace,” lets us think of a world where dreams are as flexible as reality. With its synth-wave backdrop, Zina leads us to a world of endless sound possibilities. She has such refinement on stage, and her vocal performance is lovely. It starts softly with seductive melodies, but it quickly turns into dance music with captivating beats that will have you bopping your head, and we later get to hear superb vocal harmonies. Particularly, I admired the synth-wave section and the way Zina’s voice mixed with the synthesizers and rhythms. It produced a beautiful, varied soundscape.

The sixth track, “Morphée,” is a French pop tune that opens with sweet piano chords that hook our interest and lead us further into a delightful blend of sounds. Along with the amazing voice that we have already heard, Zina tackles the strength of nearness and the mystery of love in this song. It proves her agility, effectively capturing the intrigue and attraction of love. The rich arrangement of this song enhances its pop sensibility, weaving a musical web that represents the specifics of the heart.

With a breezy, happy attitude, “Fatalités” instantly captures our attention. This song explores Dame Zina’s fight with anxiety in its lyrics. It’s another French pop song on the album, and it tells a complex story of drive and the never-ending struggle to survive. The song’s lively pop music and Zina’s passionate vocals heighten the emotional depth of the song. I like this song; it’s just lovely. It is an amazing song that you should put on your playlist! Everything in the song was impeccable, including the instrumentation, performance, and vocals.

Moving on, the eighth song, “Golden Dust,” opens with Dame Zina speaking a line that sets the tone for the message the song delivers. This single, an experimental rock narrative that showcases Dame Zina’s storytelling skills, urges us to embrace boundless possibilities. The vocals are excellent, and the instrumentation adds warmth to the compositions, giving them a sense of completion. There are several interesting characteristics and a smooth overall structure. I got hooked on them!

Similar to the previous song, “Once Upon a Time” also begins warmly with Dame Zina’s spoken word. This work challenges the conventions of classic fairy tales by painting a novel scenario set in space. Zina’s voice creates a heavenly mood that perfectly balances the unorthodox tale, dancing over the experimental rock composition. Her storytelling skills are excellent, and her voice is satisfying. Her words are imbued with an intense and profound feeling of genuine passion and vulnerability.

The tenth song, “Dragons and Fairies,” tells a story of equality through fantastical creatures, drawing inspiration from Dame Zina’s children’s writings. The colorful storyline of this piece is mirrored in its experimental rock arrangement, and Zina’s voice rules the bright atmosphere, lending the story an air of attraction. Furthermore, the melody draws us deeper into the song’s depths. With a voice that soars and dips, Zina’s delivery is amazing, taking us on an unbelievable journey.

The eleventh song, “Missis Sun and Lady Moon,” is an electro/art pop track that highlights Dame Zina’s inventive poetry and explores a romantic relationship between the sun and the moon as lesbian lovers. This song’s heavenly soundscape, produced by combining electronic and art pop components, goes well with the dreamy concept. Not only that, but the beat of this song is something I don’t usually hear. It has captivating melodies that enhance the track’s overall appeal and it’s full of life. Zina’s performance is exceptional and her vocals dominate the show, as always. She completely nailed it!

As the title indicates, “Master Goddess” is a master track on the album, bringing house and techno elements to an inviting introduction. It embodies everything that makes a song great and it’s a sound world comparable to a video game that empowers listeners and calls for lady power. I found it admirable how the components in this song are presented from the very beginning to the very end. There’s something special about it. Everything about it, from the arrangement of the riffs to the way the parts are arranged, transports you to another world.

La nuit,” the last but one track tune, encircles us in the allure and aura of the night. This electro-art pop tune, sung in French, digs into the vivid dreams, worries, and desires that come to life after dark. Zina delivers with such joy that you want to lose yourself in the song as her voice smoothly traverses the nighttime horizon. On the other hand, there is little doubt that the production is filled with charming and intellectual components throughout. You’ll want to press the rewind button and listen to this song on repeat for hours since it has so many gorgeous flows and twists.

Concluding the album with a soft touch, “Lullaby for a Fairy” is a folk song with a story about elemental fairies. Zina’s vocals take on a gentle quality, creating a warm and calming ambiance. The folk instrumentation of the song gives it a charming and nostalgic quality. Despite being serene, the music awakens us. Dame Zina does a good job at doing this and I would say it’s the ideal tune to round out the album. It strikes close and has so much depth and contrast.

Overall, Dame Zina’s “Fairytales” album is just beyond anything I could have ever expected! It shows their musical prowess, their skill as storytellers, and their zeal for pushing the limits of creativity. With their unique blend of genres and Zina’s mesmerizing voice, the album sends us to a world where feminism, magic, and raw emotion meet. Every song on the album, from the pensive “Sirène” to the hypnotic “Lullaby for a Fairy,” is a chapter in a riveting musical story that never lets up. “Fairytales” not only displays Dame Zina’s unique style in contemporary music but also places them as storytellers of soundscapes, drawing up stories that linger long after the final note dies. »